Amid a series of bear sightings in Saitama Prefecture, the prefecture and local hunting associations have decided to take a more cautious approach to hunting this season, which was lifted on the 15th.

In Saitama Prefecture, the ban on hunting 15 species of animals and birds, including sika deer and wild boar, pheasants, and mallards, was lifted from the 2th to February 15 next year, and in the Otaki area of Chichibu City, nine members of the local hunting association entered the mountains at dawn on the morning of the 46th.

Before entering the mountain, I checked the precautions, such as covering the hunting rifle when going out on the road and making sure that there were no people in front of me before shooting.

Amid a series of reports of bear damage and sightings in various parts of the country, Saitama Prefecture is calling for self-restraint in hunting except to prevent human casualties in order to maintain the population of black bears based on national guidelines.

On the other hand, according to the prefecture, there have been more than 15 bear sightings this year, mainly in the Chichibu area, which has already exceeded the number of previous years.

Hiroshi Aoki, chairman of the Okuchichibu Hunting Association, said, "Last year, the bears did not retreat into the mountains during the hunting season, but they still roam.

Saitama Prefecture is calling on people to ensure their safety if they encounter a bear.