It happened when I was riding my bicycle home from work.
He was attacked by a pair of men and stabbed in the left eye with what looked like an umbrella.
A man who was temporarily unconscious and is still suffering from the aftereffects.
However, the statute of limitations for the case expires on November 2.

"Even if the statute of limitations comes, the after-effects will not be cured," said
his wife, who has been supporting him since immediately after the incident, looking back on the past 11 years.

(Sendai Broadcasting Station reporter Arisa Fujiya)

Suddenly, my left eye ...

November 2008, 11, around 18 a.m.
Kunihiko Sugawara, 1 years old, was riding his bicycle home from work.

Suddenly, Mr. Sugawara was stabbed in the left eye by a pair of men.
He was found collapsed at the scene and taken to the hospital, where he was found unconscious and in a serious condition.

Crime scene

It is said that blood stains were left at the scene for 20 meters.

At that time, a man was seen near the scene, wearing what appeared to be work clothes, a white towel wrapped around his head, and a shoulder bag that was believed to have been stolen from Mr. Sugawara.

The police have been investigating the case as a robbery injury case, including interviews and analysis of security cameras, but the statute of limitations is approaching on November 15, which is 11 years after the incident occurred.

The statute of limitations has been abolished for murder and other cases, but there is a statute of limitations for robbery and injury cases.

Even though I was a soccer fan...

Mr. Sugawara loved soccer and played for a working team.
At the time, Keiko was in a relationship.

The incident happened a few days after he had told Keiko that he had black bloody blisters on his toes because he was so engrossed in football.

Mr. Sugawara at that time

When Keiko rushed to the hospital after receiving the call, Sugawara was wrapped in gauze-like from head to foot.

He said he found a bloody blister on his toe, which he could barely see, and recognized him.
He is unconscious and does not respond no matter how many times he calls.

Keiko says she couldn't accept reality right away.

"I didn't know if it was really him, and I thought that my life would be like this in an instant, and my mind was like, 'Why? Why?' That's what I've been doing for a long time."

I still want to be by your side

Sugawara survived and regained consciousness a few months later.

However, severe sequelae remained, and he became bedridden and in need of nursing care.
I couldn't speak long words anymore.

Still, I want to be by Mr. Sugawara's side.
Keiko decides to support Sugawara.

When Sugawara was rehabilitating at a hospital in Tokyo, he used to take an overnight bus from Miyagi to Tokyo on Fridays after work.

About two years later, after completing rehabilitation in Tokyo, the two began living together.

Even after returning to her home, Sugawara was in need of nursing care.
Keiko worked during the day, and when she returned home, she took turns with a visiting helper to take care of her.

I used 22 notebooks to communicate with my helpers.

"I enjoyed the conversation at the sentence level today" "
When I'm in good shape, the operation of my right hand and right foot is smooth."

In the notebook, Mr. Sugawara describes the situation of that day.

Every time he was able to do more and more, he felt that he was on the way to recovery.

Hospitalization life that continues even after marriage

A little more than three years have passed since the incident, and it is Kunihiko's birthday.
The two got married.

However, he often suffers from convulsions due to brain damage caused by the incident, and is sometimes transported by ambulance.

It is said that Mr. Sugawara's physical condition continues to be a matter of joy and concern.

"I feel like there were a lot of waves of hopelessness, and on the contrary, his hard work made me feel positive again."

When Sugawara's physical condition was stable, the two of them sometimes went on trips together.

However, this is August. Mr. Sugawara fell ill and was hospitalized again.

With Mr. Sugawara in the hospital room

Only one family member can visit at the hospital once a week for 1 minutes.
He says he now spends a lot of time alone at home.

Keiko cherishes three cans of sake.

"This is what Kunihiko left when he came to the house before the incident, and it was before he was injured. I couldn't throw it away."

Even now, 15 years after the incident, the effects of the after-effects continue to linger.
It is said that the situation of not being able to see them when they want to see them increases their loneliness.

The case will soon be time-barred...

On the 18th of this month, the statute of limitations expires and the investigation closes.

Why do we have to go through this?
Considering that the perpetrator is still living somewhere, he says that he cannot contain his anger and frustration.

"It's really frustrating to think that when the statute of limitations comes, it will end there, and we want the perpetrators to be arrested by the time the statute of limitations expires, but if we are counting down with the exact opposite idea, it is really unforgivable. Even if the statute of limitations expires, the aftereffects will remain, and the life that supports them will continue. It's frustrating that we seem to be the only ones left behind in reality."

Although the time left until the statute of limitations is short, Keiko still hopes that the culprit will be punished.

"I want them to make amends for their sins and come forward, and I don't think we should live in a world where it's okay to live peacefully without making amends for their sins."

Even if the statute of limitations comes, the sequelae will not be cured

The amount of time that can be investigated in each case is limited, but even if the statute of limitations expires, the fact that the damage has been done will not disappear.

For some, like Mr. Sugawara, the incident had a profound impact on the rest of their lives, and they have to continue to face the wounds.

"Even if the statute of limitations comes, Kunihiko-kun's after-effects will not be cured, and Kunihiko-kun and my life supporting him will continue forever."

If you have any knowledge or sightings of the incident, please contact the Miyagi Prefectural Police Wakabayashi Police Station at 0120-886-603.

(Broadcast on November 11 on Teremasa)