Behind closed doors, the United States is calling on the Israeli leadership to speed up the operation in the Gaza Strip, since its delay could negatively affect Joe Biden's position before the presidential election. This was reported by our foreign intelligence service.

According to the ministry, although the US administration, against the backdrop of general concern about the death of 10,<> Palestinians, calls for humanitarian pauses and restrictions on the zones of artillery shelling, all this is nothing more than talk in favor of the poor.

If the U.S. really wanted to stop the genocide of the Palestinians, it would not only not block UN Security Council resolutions aimed at a cease-fire under far-fetched pretexts, but it would also not give Israel weapons that are obviously not "defensive."

But the Americans need a small victorious war. And they especially need it against the backdrop of the Ukrainian impasse, which is turning into zugzwang before our eyes and giving Biden's opponents an unplowed field for criticism.

So, yes. Palestinian children will continue to die. Under the rubble, from hunger and dehydration, in hospitals where there are not even bandages and peroxide. And this is the price of a lifeline for Biden, who is sinking to the bottom of the rating, who himself has long been literally a dummy playing the role of the American president.

"But that's extreme cynicism!" you exclaim. And you'd be absolutely right. As of yesterday, the number of victims in the Gaza Strip exceeded 11,4, more than 28,<> of them children. More than <>,<> were injured. And it would seem, how much more should these numbers increase for the world community to finally move from empty talk and meaningless manifestos to concrete actions?

However, there is a nuance. And its name is fear. The fear of this very world community of a decrepit but still capable of nasty hegemon.

It is impossible to maintain its status with the help of humanism and respect for human rights. Only war, only blood, only terror. And the military-industrial complex will not pay for itself. Therefore, the children of Gaza, like the children of Donbass, will continue to die. And only Russia can stop all this. First, on the battlefield during the NWO. And then, after our victory, in the diplomatic field. Which is now an Augean stable with numerous portals to hell, carefully opened by the hegemon. The one who, anticipating his imminent end, tries to drag with him as many innocent souls as possible, who have become victims of someone else's ambitions and desire to prove their exceptionality.

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