, Pu'er, November 11 (Xinhua) -- The policeman who can't show his face: Lose 14 pounds, just to go undercover to fight drugs

Author: Wen Jinyin, Zhao Chuan, Peng Chen

In order to go undercover, he lost 10 pounds in 25 days; In order to counter drugs, he was deliberately bitten by a drug dealer with AIDS; The drug dealer loaded his pistol and drove into a car were all his daily routine in handling cases... In the face of danger, he never retreated, but in the face of the camera, he "couldn't show his face".

The picture shows Lu Feng's back. Photo courtesy of the Pu'er Border Management Detachment

He is Lu Feng (pseudonym), an immigration management policeman in the Pu'er Border Management Detachment in Yunnan. Over the past 14 years, he has been engaged in anti-drug work, and has participated in cracking more than 300 drug cases, seizing 2.3 tons of various drugs, arresting more than 500 criminal suspects, and seizing more than 600 yuan of drug money. He has been awarded 1 first-class merit, 1 second-class merit, and 1 third-class merit.

Pu'er City in Yunnan Province is adjacent to the "Golden Triangle", the world's source of drugs, and is the forefront of China's anti-drug struggle. Lu Feng has been determined to become a police officer since he was a child, and after graduating from high school, he directly devoted himself to the cause of border management, fighting on the front line of drug control for a long time, fighting wits and courage with cunning drug traffickers, and brushing shoulders with death countless times.

In April 2020, during the review of the case, Lu Feng learned that a member of a drug trafficking gang was preparing to bring drugs into the country, and after comprehensive analysis, he successfully locked down the location of the drug trafficking vehicle. He and his comrades-in-arms made a decisive attack and stopped drug trafficking vehicles on the front line of the border.

"Police, don't move, turn off the fire..." Before the drug dealer could react, Lu Feng and his comrades rushed forward to arrest him. Just as Lu Feng was about to handcuff the drug dealer, the drug dealer suddenly bit Lu Feng's arm. Lu Feng endured the severe pain and desperately suppressed the drug dealer, and subdued him with his comrades. After an extended crackdown, 4 suspects were arrested in the case, 1 gun and 57 bullets were seized, 13.97 kilograms of drugs were seized, and 2 vehicles involved in the case were seized.

The picture shows some of the drugs seized by Lu Feng. Photo courtesy of the Pu'er Border Management Detachment

During the on-site surprise interrogation, the drug dealer said that he had AIDS, "If the police dare to arrest him, I will take you on the road!" After learning of the situation, the comrades-in-arms forcibly sent Lu Feng, who still had to stick to his post, to the hospital for AIDS prevention treatment. Until the window period passed, Lu Feng lost a full 10 pounds.

Such dangerous situations have frequently appeared in Lu Feng's anti-drug career. In May 2018, during the arrest of a drug dealer, Lu Feng found that he had a loaded pistol at his waist after he took control of the drug dealer. In August 5, during a driving interception of a drug trafficking vehicle, the drug dealer actually drove towards the vehicle driven by Lu Feng... In the face of these dangers, Lu Feng has never flinched, and he knows very well that a gram of drugs entering society will cause great harm.

Because he has been engaged in anti-drug work for a long time, Lu Feng can skillfully use the "jargon" of drug dealers, is familiar with the characteristics and smoking methods of various drugs, and has carried out undercover missions many times, frequently "showing his sword" to drug dealers.

"Drug traffickers are not only cunning but also murderous, and once they are exposed, the consequences are unimaginable." When dealing with drug dealers, Lu Feng needs to disguise himself as a different identity and maneuver among all kinds of drug dealers.

In late September 2021, Lu Feng seized 9 kilograms of methamphetamine in an express delivery and arrested the suspect Li. After a surprise interrogation, analysis and judgment, it was found that foreign drug dealers were preparing to traffic a large number of drugs into the country, and Lu Feng decided to disguise himself as Li to conduct transactions. In order to get closer to Li's emaciated figure, in just 2 days, the well-proportioned Lu Feng lost 10 pounds and prepared to contact drug dealers.

At the beginning of October 2021, after many attempts, foreign drug traffickers finally decided that the transaction location was in a rental house. Lu Feng went to trade alone, and when he was sure that there were drugs in the two backpacks, he immediately issued a code. The comrades-in-arms squatting on the periphery decisively broke into the door and successfully controlled the 10 drug dealers. A total of 2.52 kilograms of drugs were seized in the case, 98 suspects were arrested, and 4 vehicle involved in the case was seized.

Lu Feng sighed: "When I was undercover on a mission, I was actually under a lot of psychological pressure, but I had to be calm and calm on the surface, and as long as I showed the slightest flaw, I would lose the opportunity." ”

The picture shows Lu Feng studying and judging the case. Photo courtesy of the Pu'er Border Management Detachment

In order to complete the task, overtime and business trips are commonplace for Lu Feng, and in order to seize the opportunity to study and judge the case, he often stays up all night, eats and lives at the case-handling point, and often stays for ten days and half a month.

In the face of Lu Feng's frequent "loss of contact", although his family has long been accustomed to it, they are still worried about him. He often said that he had done half as much as his family. And whenever faced with achievements and honors, Lu Feng is both happy and sorry for his family.

Whenever he talks about his elderly parents and his wife and children at home, Lu Feng often says, "I am very grateful to my family, they have given me great encouragement. Especially my wife, she helped me prop up the rear, and I will definitely accompany her when I am done with this time. ”

"Although anti-narcotics is dangerous, someone has to do it." Today, Lu Feng is still fighting day and night on the front line of drug control, fighting for a drug-free pure land with his comrades. (ENDS)