, Changsha, November 11 (Reporter Deng Xia) The second Yuelu Book Fair of "Reading a New Era and Writing a New Chapter" opened in Changsha, Hunan Province on the evening of the 14th. During the book fair, more than 13 activities will be held in various parts of Hunan, online and offline, leading the new trend of "happy reading".

On the evening of November 11, the opening ceremony of the 13nd Yuelu Book Club and the theme reading conference were held in Changsha. Photo courtesy of the organizer

That night, book writers, book editors, storytellers, book recommenders, and readers gathered together to share the good books of Hunan Edition and the reading life. Among them, Tang Guoqiang, a national first-class actor, brought the theme of "Let Scholars and Ink Cultivate Life" to share, calling on literary and art workers to read more and make reading a good habit for a lifetime; Writer Tang Haoming talked about "The Endless Chinese Culture", examining Huxiang culture from the perspective of Chinese culture; Song Shuxia, deputy director of the Cultural Promotion Department of Dunhuang Academy, shared the theme of "Words in Painting", leading the audience to experience the charm of Dunhuang art in a multi-dimensional way.

According to reports, eight key theme activities will be held during the book fair, namely "Huxiang Power in Modern Chinese History" and "Fuxing Library" reading sharing meeting, "Inheriting the Red Gene and Striving for the Great Era" theme sharing and "Mao Zedong Wentan" and other new book launches, "Scientific and Technological Innovation Rise with Me" Scientists (Spirit) into the Campus Huxiang Tour, "Huxiang Culture and Chinese Cultural Taoism" Academic Seminar and Academic Lecture, "Visiting Hometown and Growing Up Happily" Hunan Province 2023 Youth and Children's Theme Reading Activities, Mao Dun Literature Award, Lu Xun Literature Award Writers Sharing Meeting, "Book Mountain and Foothills" Youth Reading Culture Market, Reading Huxiang City Reading Open Class.

In addition, a variety of "Seven Advances" series of activities will be carried out in various parts of Hunan, online and offline, to continue to promote national reading into campuses, institutions, rural areas, communities, enterprises, networks, and military camps, further tap the reading needs of all kinds of grassroots people, and effectively promote national reading activities to go deeper into the grassroots people. At the same time, we pay attention to bookstores, cultural landmarks, the Internet and other scenes, and create special activities for teenagers, urban young people, new and old people, and light up the city of reading.

The Yuelu Book Club theme light show was staged simultaneously on both sides of the Xiangjiang River in Changsha. Photo courtesy of the organizer

That night, both sides of the Xiangjiang River in Changsha simultaneously staged a brilliant and colorful Yuelu Book Club-themed light show, lighting up the Huxiang cultural context from Yuelu Mountain to Yuelu Academy, from Orange Island to Du Fujiang Pavilion.

This year's Yuelu Book Fair is guided by the Propaganda Department of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Hunan Provincial Press and Publication Bureau, and hosted by Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group and Zhongnan Publishing and Media Group. (ENDS)