On November 11, 4-year-old Jiang Long came to the blind date corner in Zhongshan Park with a marriage notice, which was the second blind date corner in the park he went to in 24 days. Every time he proposed, he would present a well-designed marriage posting.

Jiang Long has changed his age, job, income, education and other information, positioning his "personality" as a poor boy who is poor and white, but requires the woman to pay a bride price of 30,<> yuan when she gets married in addition to a monthly salary of more than <>,<> yuan, a house and a car, etc.

On his social account, Jiang Long said that the purpose of his marriage proposal was to crack down on the "sky-high bride price", and the use of false personal information was out of "mockery", not to plot the woman's property, but is there really no problem with doing so?

The "conspicuous bag" in the blind date corner

On November 11, it was raining in the sky, and when Jiang Long appeared at the blind date corner, it immediately attracted a large number of onlookers.

Jiang Long himself is not special in appearance, and his dress is also very ordinary, and the onlookers are attracted by his marriage notice.

In this marriage notice, he introduced himself as 30 years old this year, with a "nine-year compulsory education", no house, no car, no deposit, no pressure, and now a Fortune 500 company delivers takeaways, with a monthly salary of 3500,<> yuan.

His requirements for the woman are under 35 years old, with a monthly income of more than 1,2 yuan, a car and a house (at least 30 sets) in the city without a loan, and a full-time bachelor's degree or above. He specifically pointed out that the married woman needs to pay a bride price of <>,<> yuan.

The bride price of 30,<> yuan has become the focus of people's discussions. Some people laughed at him for being "bold", and some people thought that what he said was "reasonable, just like a woman gives a dowry, and a man gives money".

An aunt at the scene asked, "What do you take in exchange?" Jiang Long replied that he could be a son-in-law. The aunt felt very puzzled: "If you are willing to be a son-in-law, why do you still need a bride price?" ”

Because of the rain, the marriage proposal lasted only half an hour. Compared with the experience of the first marriage, Jiang Long felt good, "at least he was not driven out".

On the morning of October 10, Jiang Long went to the blind date corner of Jiefang Park to ask for marriage, and the onlookers were "three layers inside and three layers outside".

The vast majority of onlookers accused him of "ruining the three views". Some of the more radical people also tried to kick him out of the blind date corner on several occasions.

Changed identity only for "taunt effect"

After each marriage, he edited the videos he shot and posted them on platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Douyin, and Kuaishou. The titles he gave to these videos were all "Wuhan Blind Date Corner Blows Sky-high Dowry". At present, the two videos have been viewed more than 10,<> times on the whole network.

After the video was released, netizens received mixed reviews. Some people left a message to praise him as a "warrior" and "defeat magic with magic"; Some netizens think that he is "soft rice and hard food", which is embarrassing; Some netizens called him a "neurotic" and purely "troublesome eyes".

In real life, Jiang Long is an assembly line worker in a company in Optics Valley, and his 12-hour work a day is "screwing".

At 11:4 p.m. on November 5, the reporter met Jiang Long, who had just gotten off work, at the factory gate and accompanied him back to the rental house on a shared bicycle. A single room with only a table and a bed.

Jiang Long admitted that there were many places in his personal marriage information that were not true. For example, he changed his age to 6 years older; The academic qualifications were changed from junior college to junior high school; The actual income has also changed from more than 4000,3500 yuan to <>,<> yuan.

In order to write this marriage notice, he consulted relevant information on social networking sites. Some women's marriage postings became a source of his wording. For example, "delivering food in a Fortune 500 company" is an imitation of some women's desire to show their superiority when they are married; "The monthly salary of 3500,<> yuan has room to rise (potential stocks, currently preparing for the postgraduate examination)" directly mocked some "little fairies".

"I deliberately portrayed the man's identity as more humble, so that the high-profile marriage can have a contrasting effect, so that more people can see the unreasonableness of the sky-high bride price." Jiang Long said that he hopes to use his own efforts to restore the "balance" of the status of men and women in love.

The reason why he chose to declare war with the "sky-high bride price" in this way was that Xiao Jiang said that he had suffered from it.

Xiao Jiang is a native of Xiantao, has been working in Wuhan since graduating from junior college in 2019, and has worked as a sales manager in the financial industry, once earning more than <>,<> yuan a month, but the pressure is very high and he often has insomnia.

After leaving his job in 2020, he just wanted to do some manual work without using his brain, so he worked everywhere. In April of this year, he joined the current company.

After joining the work, he has talked about 3 girlfriends, the long time is more than half a year, the short is only half a month, a very important reason is the bride price. In addition to the man who has to have a house and a car, the woman without exception talked about the bride price, with the amount ranging from 10,20 yuan to <>,<> yuan.

Xiao Jiang was born in a small rural town, his parents are working in other places, and he is unable to subsidize himself, "I can't earn 10,<> yuan in bride price in my life."

One night in early October, he couldn't sleep all night, lying in bed and reflecting on his life, he felt that he had been "too wretched" to be a brave man. The first thing he wanted to do was to declare war on the "sky-high bride price".

Is it appropriate to marry with a false identity?

On October 10, Xiao Jiang took the first step to crack down on the "sky-high bride price", and he came to the blind date corner in Liberation Park. He had done some research in advance and thought that the blind date corner here was large in scale and was quite famous in Wuhan, "I had to gnaw hard bones in the first battle."

He has a plan to go to the blind date corners in various parks in Wuhan City one after another, and then go to the blind date corners in the surrounding areas of Wuhan City. When the conditions were ripe, he moved to some areas of the country where the bride price was prevalent.

"If I meet a woman who is genuinely willing to accept me, I will immediately tell myself the truth." Jiang Long said.

Jiang Long's colleagues and friends did not know much about his marriage, and they did not have the same opinions. Some encouraged him to persevere, while others thought he was messing around. My friend Zhang Hua was the same age as him, and Jiang Long asked him to help shoot the video, so he went with him. Although he didn't understand the meaning of Jiang Long's doing, he was also single and felt that Jiang Long was very brave.

Zhang Qilin, a full-time lawyer at Hubei Rotary Law Firm, said that Jiang Long's practice of using false personal information to seek marriage was inappropriate and morally flawed.

Chen Ruiyan, a doctoral student at the China Rural Governance Research Center at Wuhan University, has been paying attention to the issue of bride price since 2022 and has done a lot of field research in China. She told reporters that Jiang Long's behavior was not the first of its kind, and that someone had previously posted similar information online to gain traffic. In her view, Jiang Long's behavior is more of an emotional catharsis of his previous encounters, and by amplifying this contradiction and conflict to attract the public's attention to the sky-high bride price, it is difficult to fundamentally curb this phenomenon.

The essence of the sky-high bride price reflects the rising cost of marriage in the current society, which has caused huge psychological pressure and marriage anxiety to the majority of young people, and Jiang Long's behavior is a prominent manifestation of this anxiety. "The management of sky-high bride price should not only care about the amount of bride price itself, but more importantly, care about the economic pressure of marriage and love faced by young people and the systemic dilemma of marriage and love." Chen Ruiyan said. (At the request of the interviewee, Jiang Long and Zhang Hua are pseudonyms)

Wentu/Reporter Shi Qiang

(Wuhan Evening News)