, Beijing, November 11 -- The 14 2023rd Sohu Green Screen Project Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing on November 11, with a total of 12 awards awarded in three major units, and the most competitive "Best Feature Film" was won by Wei De'an's work "Ants".

The picture shows the scene of the award ceremony. Photo courtesy of the courtesy of the

The 2023rd Sohu Youth Screen Project 5 is themed "Light and Shadow Chase Dreams, Vientiane is Reborn", and has five competition units: plot, documentary, animation, public welfare, and ultra-short film. After 49 days of solicitation, nearly 2000,30 groups of young video creators participated. After multiple rounds of selection by a team of 5 expert judges, including industry authoritative experts and senior self-media film critics, 7 "Competition Unit Awards", 4 "Professional Individual Awards", and 16 "Special Establishment Awards" were finally decided, with a total of <> awards in the three major units.

The "Professional Individual Award" competition unit extends the spotlight to the professional dimensions of directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, editors, voices, actors and other subdivided roles. The "Best Director" was won by Gong Bochen, the director of "The Trapped Beast", the "Best Actress" was awarded to Wang Tian, the heroine of the short film "Sparrow", and the actor Yuan Shanshan, the ambassador of the Blue Screen Project, presented the award to Chen Jialuo, the director of "Sparrow".

In the competition for the "Competition Unit", the most fierce competition was the "Best Feature Film", which received a total of 1194,24 entries for short feature films, and <> were finally shortlisted. In the end, the "Best Feature Film" was won by Wei De'an's work "Ants". (ENDS)