Queen Letizia and Isabel Díaz Ayuso have done a 'double' this morning: first, the opening of the exhibition 'Picasso 1906. The Great Transformation' (with the King); This will be followed by the presentation of the EL MUNDO International Journalism Awards. In both appointments, because they have not changed, they have had a curious coincidence if we talk about outfits.

On their arrival at the exhibition of the painter from Malaga at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the King and Queen were received by the President of the Community of Madrid. Already there it was seen that the Queen's outfits and his own had something in common, although it has been the subsequent tour of the two wings of the Picasso exhibition that has left more details.

The Queen and Isabel Díaz Ayuso, at the Picasso exhibition.

Queen Letizia and Isabel Díaz Ayuso, two women, two colors

Red and white and white and red. This is how Doña Letizia and Díaz Ayuso have coincided, united by two colors. It's not surprising, since both have red as one of their favorite shades. Queen Letizia shows it off on multiple occasions – including when she visited Los Angeles a year ago, wearing a red suit very similar to today's, signed by Roberto Torretta – but politics is not far behind, as it is the color of the flag of the community she presides over, and she goes to it every time she has an event of relevance.

Both the Queen and Díaz Ayuso have worn the same colour of outfit (the monarch in trouser version, the president of the Community of Madrid in a dress), and both have added a touch of white: Doña Letizia a top, the politician a poncho that has hidden her look until it has arrived at the Museo Nacional del Prado, at the presentation of the International Journalism Awards of EL MUNDO, where we have seen his two-piece (repeated) at its best.

Queen Letizia's red suit at EL MUNDO's International Journalism Awards. GTRES

Queen Letizia at EL MUNDO's International Journalism Awards, all red hot

Queen Letizia has chosen for her double of the day a red suit that she already had in her wardrobe and that in fact she has worn this year, both at a reception in March at the Palacio de la Zarzuela and in the video she recorded to congratulate 'Informe Semanal' on her birthday.

It is a two-piece suit by Carolina Herrera with a fitted blazer and straight trousers. The difference with the previous occasions in which we have seen him is that he has replaced the lingerie top of that time with a white blouse that is draped today.

The footwear, the same yesterday as today, particular wide-heeled pumps like mary janes, pointed to the point and with crossed straps, from the Italian firm Patrizia Pepe.

Family photo from the EL MUNDO International Journalism Awards, where Isabel Díaz Ayuso's look can be seen.JAVIER MARTÍNEZ

Isabel Díaz Ayuso's look and her asymmetrical poncho

In the Picasso exhibition, the president of the Community of Madrid wore as the main piece of her styling a long poncho as a cape, in white, which had as a peculiarity asymmetrical openings for the arms.

Under the poncho, a skirt suit that is not the first time he wears, but we already saw him in the parade on October 12, 2021. Isabel Díaz Ayuso has repeated an impeccable straight dress with a pencil skirt that she has combined again with a blazer fitted at the waist, an outfit signed by Victoria, the brand directed by Vicky Martín Berrocal.

In detail, it is a two-piece with a tailored crepe jacket with a tuxedo collar and marked shoulders that plays with the shine and matte of the fabric itself and a satin dress with a midi length in burgundy with ruching at the neckline. She completed her look in a classic way, with black pumps.

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