Regarding the handling of the drug scandal at the Japan University American football team, it has been learned that the university's board of trustees is considering whether to recommend the resignation of President Mariko Hayashi, the president, and the vice president. We will make a final decision after listening to the opinions of the parties concerned.

In the case of the drug case in which a member of the Japan University American football team was arrested, a third-party committee released a report last month, pointing out the attitude of trivializing the facts, the dysfunction of governance, and the responsibility for storing plant fragments suspected of marijuana for 12 days without reporting them to the police.

In response to the criticism, the university is considering punishment of those involved and measures to prevent recurrence, but it was learned from interviews with people involved that at the Board of Trustees meeting on the 10th of this month, President Mariko Hayashi, President Takeo Sakai, and Vice President Yasuhiro Sawada were discussed whether to recommend their resignations.

Attendees were asked to give their opinions in a secret ballot, with some saying that all three should vote, while others were cautious.

The recommendation to resign is not enforceable, but it is expected that a final decision will be made with reference to the opinions of the "President's Selection Committee" and the "Dean's Council" and other stakeholders.