With only one and a half months left, department stores in Osaka unveiled a lucky bag that allows you to enjoy a luxurious experience for the new year.

At a department store in Kita-ku, Osaka, we prepared 14 hands-on lucky bags that will be delivered in the New Year, and some of them were sold from the 14th.

In response to the new coronavirus moving to Class 5 and daily life returning, this lucky bag has a lineup of products that allow you to enjoy a luxurious experience under the theme of "luxury".

Among them, in the product where you can experience bread making, you can take about 6 hours of private lessons from a top-notch chef who has won a world championship, and the price is 28,<> yen.

In addition, the experience of making leather products while learning from a bag maker in Osaka will be sold for about 2,7770 yen.

The highest price this time is 2024.<> million yen, and you can buy a flight simulator that pilots use for training.

The cockpit is reproduced, such as the switches and buttons of a real airplane, and you can choose your favorite flight route from airports around the world and experience piloting.

Shingo Yoneda, a spokesperson for the Hankyu Umeda main store, said, "Fukubukuro carries the auspiciousness of the new year, and since <> is the 'year of the tatsu,' I want you to climb like a dragon.