Five years ago, my brother, who had come to Japan to search for clues about a French woman who went missing in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, met with the governor at the Tochigi Prefectural Government Office on the 5th and asked him to work with the United Nations and others to provide all the information collected by the police.

On July 36, 2018, Thifène Veron, a 7-year-old Frenchman, went missing while walking out of his accommodation in Nikko City, where he was staying for sightseeing.

His brother Damien has been in Japan since the middle of last month to search for clues about his missing sister, and on the 29th, he visited the Tochigi Prefectural Office and met with Governor Fukuda.

In response, Damien appealed for help to provide the French judicial authorities and the United Nations with all the information collected by the Japan police, to which Governor Fukuda replied, "I am deeply saddened by the disappearance of my sister, and I hope that she will be found safely.

During his stay in Japan, Damien and his supporters reiterated their call for information that would provide clues, such as tracing the route that his sister allegedly visited at the time.

The police are continuing to search for Ms. Tifenu, who has a chronic illness, believing that she may have fallen or been in distress while she was out, and information is being accepted at the Nikko Police Station.

The telephone number is 14-0288-53.