A male member of the Waseda University sumo wrestling club was arrested by police on suspicion of violating the Cannabis Control Law for asking an acquaintance in Fukuoka Prefecture to send cannabis. In response to the interview, the university revealed that it was interviewing other club members, and will investigate the circumstances and consider measures to prevent recurrence.

A total of three people were arrested, including suspect Yoji Sonoda (3), a third-year student who belongs to the Waseda University sumo wrestling club and lives in Tokyo, and suspect Shoma Hirowatari (20), an office worker in Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

According to the police, Sonoda is suspected of violating the Cannabis Control Act by asking his acquaintance Hiroto to send marijuana over the phone in July, and then preparing a mail containing about 21.3 grams of cannabis to receive it.

The police were investigating because another suspect who was asked by the suspect Hiroto to keep mail containing marijuana at his home was found by his family and reported it.

Police have not released the identities of the three men, citing that they would interfere with the investigation.

In an interview, Waseda University said that it was not aware of any troubles related to marijuana in the sumo club, and clarified that it was interviewing other members.

Waseda University commented, "We take this matter seriously and apologize deeply, and we will investigate the circumstances that led to this situation and take every effort to prevent recurrence."