It turned out that a former talent who had been suing for damage in the sexual assault problem by Mr. Johnny Kitagawa had died last month. It is said that he was suffering from the effects of sexual abuse and slander, and it is believed that he attempted suicide based on the situation at the scene.

According to representatives of those involved in the investigation and the bereaved family, the deceased was a man in his 40s from Osaka City who was a former member of the company who had complained of sexual abuse from Mr. Johnny Kitagawa and who also belonged to the "Johnny's Sexual Abuse Problem Party".

He was found dead in the prefecture in the middle of last month, and it is believed that he attempted suicide based on the situation at the scene.

According to a lawyer representing the bereaved family, the man had complained that he had continued to suffer mental health problems due to sexual abuse, and had been slandered on the Internet after accusing him of being victimized.

The man's bereaved family issued a comment on the 14th, saying, "I still can't believe his sudden departure, and I'm stunned. In May, he complained to the office that he had been sexually assaulted, but he was left alone after that, and his frustration and worries deepened. We also asked the office to take measures against slander, but we did not take any concrete measures, only calling for it. His heartache was compounded by the relapse of the trauma of sexual abuse that he had already carried."

Defamation against those who complained of damage has become a serious problem, and since last month, three former talents have submitted complaints and damage reports to the police.

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