It is noted that this species of birds is very rare for the territory of the Russian Federation, and flamingos do not live in the Altai Territory at all due to the sharply continental climate and its inherent severe winters.

The report says that a freezing young pink flamingo was found in a field.

As ornithologists explained, similar cases of finding single individuals of pink flamingos in Siberia were recorded earlier.

Young birds are picked up by strong winds during migration, they go off course and find themselves in an atypical place without a suitable food base and with extremely unfavorable weather conditions for southern birds.

Employees of the South Siberian Department of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor) with the active participation of the Union for the Protection of Birds of Russia, the Noah's Ark Agricultural Organization and public inspectors in the field of animal treatment delivered the flamingos to the veterinary clinic.

Currently, the bird is in a warm aviary, receiving the necessary treatment and nutrition. Her condition is assessed as serious.

The pink flamingo is included in the Red Book.