, Shanghai, November 11 (Chen Jing, Xiao Xin) "At the moment of population aging, the window of opportunity to promote the demand for aging and decay is emerging, and it is imperative to improve technology. Qian Qijun, chairman of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group, pointed out on the 14th that scientists around the world are committed to exploring a scientific path of "aging and decaying", which will have a far-reaching and extensive impact just like the "human moon landing program". He said that everyone expects science to separate "decay" from "old age", and the old no longer have to go through the life course of suffering from illness and disability.

According to reports, the R&D team of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group found that after aging, cell "energy metabolism" is crucial to cell incapacitation, so it opened a new track of cell recharge, and the "Chenghuang Plan" came into being: with cell rejuvenation as the cornerstone, it leads the reform of immunity, reshapes the youthfulness of skin, organs and systems, makes people healthier, more beautiful, and longer, and makes life full of vitality.

Shanghai Cell Therapy Group disclosed on the same day that it signed a cooperation agreement with four Nobel laureates, including George Smoot and Andre Heim, inviting them to become "Nobel Prize Promotion Ambassadors of the Chenghuang Program". This is also an innovative measure launched by Shanghai Cell Therapy Group to open a new track of cell charging.

Nobel laureate Professor Joseph Taylor visits the cell factory. (Photo courtesy of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group)

According to reports, at the "2023 Chenghuang Nobel Prize Week", Shanghai Cell Therapy Group invited the 2014 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine Edward Moser and May Bright Mosall, the 1993 Nobel Prize winner in physics Joseph Taylor, the 2006 Nobel Prize winner in physics George Smoot, the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in physics Andre Heim, and the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Ben Feringa, and other six Nobel laureates to attend and carry out in-depth exchanges.

It is understood that in the 10 years since its establishment, Shanghai Cell Therapy Group has completed the construction of 160.8 million ultra-large immune cell preservation banks, provided more than 3,5 people with a series of cell rejuvenation management products and services such as cell preservation, intervention, and tumor risk monitoring, and has continued to invest 380 million to 74 million yuan in research and development every year for many years. Based on a large number of samples and data, the group conducts research on cell technology products and technologies, and has made a series of breakthroughs in the underlying technology of cell technology, applying for 104 patents, <> PCT international patents, and <> authorized patents.

In the interview, Qian Qijun introduced that Shanghai Cell Therapy Group focuses on the strategy of multi-yellow cell recharge, and plans to strengthen research with billions of yuan of investment; Establish a global high-quality supply chain system; Comprehensively and systematically carry out clinical research to ensure product safety and efficacy. Researchers will continue to look for the "star factor" of cell charging and develop products to detect cell charging. At the same time, it provides high-quality key raw materials and products for cell charging to ensure product quality from the source.

Qian Qijun said frankly that "letting cells change the length and abundance of life" is a tough battle to find a way to grow old and not decay. Shanghai Cell Therapy Group will pay attention to health in advance, establish the awareness of "preventive treatment", carry out "cell recharge" as soon as possible, and block "aging" from the door of "aging". (ENDS)