, Guangzhou, November 11 (Cheng Jingwei, Lin Yin) November is the National Wildlife Protection Publicity Month. The reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau on the 14th that Guangdong uses drones and other equipment to carry out multi-dimensional forest patrol work, and continues to strengthen inspections and inspections in key areas such as nature reserves, state-owned forest farms, important habitats of wild animals and plants, and concentrated distribution areas in the province, especially to increase the management and protection of wild animals such as migratory birds, and effectively prevent and severely crack down on illegal hunting of migratory birds, so as to "escort" the migration of migratory birds.

A police officer briefs children on wildlife protection laws and regulations. Courtesy of Guangdong Forestry Bureau

A few days ago, the main venue of the 11rd Wildlife Protection Publicity Month of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City was held in Guangzhou, with the theme of "Protecting Wild Birds and Building a Green and Beautiful Guangdong". Since November, various parts of Guangdong have promoted the promotion of wildlife protection "into communities, parks, campuses, scenic spots, and markets" to further raise people's awareness of wildlife protection.

During the publicity month, the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Market Supervision Administration, the Guangdong Branch of the General Administration of Customs, the Provincial Communications Administration, the Provincial Postal Administration and other units carried out joint law enforcement actions to strictly supervise and supervise law enforcement, and prevent and crack down on illegal hunting, gathering, artificial breeding, sale, purchase (purchase), utilization, transportation, carrying, delivery, eating, import and export of wild animals and plants.

A nature education instructor leads the children to carry out bird watching activities. Courtesy of Guangdong Forestry Bureau

At present, a large number of migratory birds have been ushered in by major wetland parks, tidal flats and coastlines in Guangdong Province, and the land of southern Guangdong has become a "paradise for birds". Recently, Guangdong held a joint inter-departmental meeting on combating illegal trade in wild animals and plants, calling for a crackdown on illegal hunting, trading and consumption of terrestrial wildlife such as migratory birds.

The launching ceremony of the 33rd Wildlife Protection Publicity Month in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City. Courtesy of Guangdong Forestry Bureau

Guangdong is one of the provinces with the richest biodiversity in the country and attaches great importance to wildlife conservation. According to the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau, Guangdong will continue to promote the establishment and improvement of the linkage mechanism and long-term mechanism for the protection and supervision of wild animals and plants between departments and localities, and solidly promote the protection of wild animals and plants; At the same time, around rare and endangered species such as pangolins, crocodile lizards, black-faced spoonbills, fairy cycads, and pig's bloodwood, we will carry out investigation and monitoring, habitat protection, rescue and release, public education, and community co-management. (ENDS)