As fighting continues to rage in Gaza, where more than 11,000 Palestinians have been killed, Claire Duhamel, France 24's correspondent in Israel, was able to spend 2 hours and 30 minutes in the Palestinian territory, following the Israeli army.

"We are exposed to all kinds of dangers when we are here. Like mortar or drone fire," said Lieutenant Colonel Gilad Pasternak, who heads 5 battalions of the army.

From an armored tank, it is impossible to see the devastated landscape of the Palestinian enclave. But when we arrived in the suburbs of Gaza City, under the dust of the armored vehicles, an apocalyptic scene appeared. Thousands of civilians fleeing south.

Some sit on makeshift horse-drawn carriages, others wave white flags, as a young sniper looks on alert, facing the risk of ambush by Hamas fighters who could infiltrate the crowd.

Back in Israel, the footage shot on location was subjected to military censorship, a condition of filming. The Israeli military demands approval of all the footage it broadcasts to ensure, it says, that it does not endanger its soldiers. The faces of some soldiers were blurred at the request of the General Staff as well as the screens or GPS in the armored vehicles. However, none of the report's words, questions or answers were checked.

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