The American billionaire owner of the X platform (formerly Twitter), Elon Musk, did not go far from reality, logic and the nature of things, in his statements, which seemed objective, commenting on the heinous massacres and holocausts committed by the Zionist occupation army against unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip. These massacres, which have been ongoing since October 11, have not spared even hospitals and mosques, and resulted in the death of more than 11,30 martyrs - including about eight thousand children and women - and nearly <>,<> wounded.

In an interview with US-based broadcaster Lex Friedman (podcast presenter), Elon Musk strongly warned of the dire consequences of the Zionist entity's genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza, addressing the occupying power: "If you commit genocide against an entire people, you will leave behind many living people who will consequently be haters of Israel." Malik X continued: "How do you kill every member of Hamas? You will create new members for Hamas, more than you killed, and for that, you will not succeed. If you kill a child of one of them, you have made members of Hamas willing to die just to kill an Israeli." Musk advised Israel to focus on humanitarian supplies because this aggressive response enabled Hamas to mobilize Muslims around the world to support Palestine and Gaza.

Guterres and Hamas's attack did not come out of nowhere. and mask tips

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, in his early and shocking comment to the Zionist entity on this genocide, did not stray from this meaning, saying: "Hamas' attack did not come from a vacuum," rejecting these massacres of civilians. It is as if the "first UN official, Guterres", with these few words, calls on the occupation to stop continuing its hatred, might and aggression, and to wait to read the "Al-Aqsa Flood" operation well, and to draw lessons from it, as the entity is creating an endless cycle of violence. Guterres' words drove the leaders of Israel crazy and delirium, to the extent that they called on him to resign and decided not to cooperate with the staff of the United Nations. Returning to Musk, who is not necessarily sympathetic to the Palestinian people - and their cause - the man speaks rationally, from the position of lovers, and a loyal advisor to the "usurping entity", as he sees that he is creating for himself more hostile and violent generations, in the face of days and years. To the effect that the occupying Power will not enjoy peace and security, no matter how powerful it may be, and no matter how crimes and genocide it commits against the Palestinian people. The American billionaire called on the entity - advising it - to be calm and soft, and to abandon the principle of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, because it exacerbates the situation and makes it worse, in order to miss the opportunity for Hamas to mobilize Muslims throughout the world against it, and in favor of the Palestinian cause.

Children and youth who grew old and grew old prematurely. And the next reaction is inevitably

For 75 years, since the first Nakba in 1948, the Zionist occupation has not ceased its oppressive and inhumane practices of deliberate killing, injustice, displacement, displacement, siege, starvation, dragging, arrest, torture, humiliation and humiliation of Palestinians, who have the original right to their occupied lands. If the practices of the occupation are so arrogant and savage, what logic can say that the usurping occupier can persist in his aggression, injustice and terror without the victim having any reaction? The research and studies of education, psychology, and sociology confirm that all the oppressive practices that fall on the "individual", even within the family, in childhood, are stored and suppressed in the depths of the soul, because he does not have a push to harm himself, in the sense that the "reaction" is inevitably coming, and may be more violent. But it is postponed until a while. This is about an "innocent child" who may live in a state of living, while suffering is the abuse of one or both of his parents by the way and method of discipline, using cruelty and violence in his upbringing, or that he has experienced violent behavior between his parents. We can imagine "young people and children", young and old prematurely, shrouded in the fire of the daily crimes of occupation against them and their families in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza and all the occupied territories. Will they be peaceful equals, leaving the Zionists alone or taking revenge on them?

Survivors who escaped the Holocaust. And the resistance is very tough

If these crimes are similar to the extermination by aircraft and tons of incendiary bombs that fall on them from the sky in the Gaza Strip, the buildings are destroyed and perhaps burned by their inhabitants, and the injured do not find help, relief, ambulance and medical care for their wounds. Indeed, the survivors lack housing, food, drink, safety and security, after the loss of many of their families, and everything. What do you expect from those survivors who escaped these holocausts and massacres? Logical and natural is that the reaction of these victims is exactly what the owner of the X platform, Elon Musk, warned of the creation of new members and supporters of Hamas, one of whom would die just to kill a Zionist or an Israeli in Musk's words. It is also not surprising that the "Al-Aqsa Flood" is a reaction to the daily crimes against the Palestinians, as the flood, according to the testimony and description of UN Secretary-General António Guterres, "did not come from a vacuum." Perhaps the resistance – very strong and solid, painful to the occupation army, which kills its soldiers and destroys its vehicles and tanks that penetrated the Gaza Strip for hundreds of meters – is the best testimony to what the occupation gains on itself.

The continuation of the Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories establishes more violent and cruel than the "Al-Aqsa Flood" operation, which seems to have written the first letters of the end of this racist entity, which is going to disappear, long or short. Like other racist regimes (South Africa is an example).

Glory to the resistance.