• LOC Andy & Lucas: From Threesomes with Fans to Finding Love and Calling Their Kids Just Like Them

Andy and Lucas, the legendary duo from Cadiz who became known for 'Son de amores' and who have a musical career of more than 20 years, have announced their separation in El Hormiguero. The reason? Lucas' heart problems have caused them to slow down. "It's time to do a farewell tour," said the affected singer. Regarding whether it will be a definitive separation of the musical duo, Andy has responded that they will not separate but will "take a break" because health is the priority at the moment.

The singer explained that he began to notice dizziness that led to "quite high" tension. "That referred me to the cardiologist and I have a small valve," he said.

In April, the band from Cadiz presented the album '20 years in more than 20 songs', in which they collect their greatest hits throughout their musical career that began in 2003 with their first album 'Andy & Lucas', when they also toured the entire Spanish geography. They were even the first Spanish group to sing at the United Nations headquarters.

Andy and Lucas met in high school and their songs directly lifted them to stardom with iconic songs such as 'Son de amores', which reached number one on the Hot Latin Tracks chart. This album, which combined different styles such as pop, flamenco, rumba and disco, sold more than 500,000 copies and earned them eight platinum records.

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That same year they won the Ondas Award for Best New Artist and the Amigo Award for Best New Group. To promote the success of the album, they released two singles: 'Tanto la quería' and ''Y en tu ventana'.

In 2004 they released a second album with thirteen songs, 'Desde mi barrio', thanks to which they won 3 platinum records and a Latin Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Album by a Duo.

In the following years they released four more albums and in 2014, to commemorate 10 years together as a group, they released 'Más de 10', where they recalled their successes and released unreleased songs such as 'Silencio'.

In 2017, Andy y Lucas celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of their first album, the one that made them famous, with 'Libro de Andy y Lucas' where they collect the most outstanding and interesting experiences of their career in music.

It was in 2020 when the group from Cadiz decided to take a step into the audiovisual world with the premiere of 'The Documentary', which reviews the trajectory of the artists from anonymity to national and international fame.