2026 World Cup Qualifiers: schedule, dates and times of Matchdays 1 and 2 in Africa

The first and second days of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers run from Wednesday 15 to Tuesday 21 November. Find the full schedule with the schedules of all the matches.

Former Cameroon international Alexandre Song during the draw for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. AFP - ISSOUF SANOGO

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2026 World Cup Qualifiers Schedule, Africa Zone

Wednesday, November 15 (Universal Time)

13 p.m. Equatorial Guinea-Namibia (Group H)

Rwanda-Zimbabwe (Group C)

16 p.m. DR Congo-Mauritania (Group B)

19 p.m.: Ethiopia-Sierra Leone (Group A)

Thursday, November 16 (Universal Time)

13 p.m. Botswana-Mozambique (Group G)

Burundi-Gambia (Group F)

16 p.m. Algeria-Somalia (Group G)

Egypt-Djibouti (Group A)

Gabon-Kenya (Group F)

Nigeria-Lesotho (Group C)

Sudan-Togo (Group B)

19 p.m. Cape Verde-Angola (Group D)

Morocco-Eritrea, cancelled (Group E)*

Friday, November 17 (Universal Time)

13 p.m. Comoros-Central African Republic (Group I)

Eswatini-Libya (Group D)

Guinea-Uganda (Group G)

16 p.m. Ghana-Madagascar (Group I)

Liberia-Malawi (Group H)

Zambia v Congo (Group E)

19 p.m. Burkina Faso-Guinea-Bissau (Group A)

Cameroon-Mauritius (Group D)

Cote d'Ivoire-Seychelles (Group F)

Mali-Chad (Group I)

Tunisia-Sao Tome and Principe (Group H)

Saturday, November 18 (Universal Time)

13 p.m. South Africa-Benin (Group C)

16 p.m. Niger-Tanzania (Group E)

19 p.m. Senegal-South Sudan (Group B)

Sunday, November 19 (Universal Time Time)

13 p.m. Burundi-Gabon (Group F)

Mozambique-Algeria (Group G)

Zimbabwe-Nigeria (Group C)

16 p.m. Sierra Leone-Egypt (Group A)

Sudan-DR Congo (Group B)

Monday, November 20 (Universal Time)

13 p.m. Djibouti – Guinea-Bissau (Group A)

16 p.m. Gambia-Cote d'Ivoire (Group F)

Liberia-Equatorial Guinea (Group H)

19 p.m. Mali-Central African Republic (Group I)

Seychelles-Kenya (Group F)

Chad-Madagascar (Group I)

Eritrea-Congo, cancelled (Group E)


Tuesday, November 21 (Universal Time)

13 p.m. Botswana-Guinea (Group G)

Eswatini v Cape Verde (Group D)

Lesotho-Benin (Group C),

Malawi-Tunisia (Group H)

Rwanda-South Africa (Group C)

Somalia v Uganda (Group G)

16 p.m. Comoros-Ghana (Group I)

Libya-Cameroon (Group D)

Mauritius-Angola (Group D)

São Tomé and Príncipe v Namibia (Group H)

South Sudan-Mauritania (Group B)

Togo-Senegal (Group B)

19 p.m. Ethiopia-Burkina Faso (Group A)

Niger-Zambia (Group E)

Tanzania-Morocco (Group E)

*Eritrea has officially withdrawn from the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

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