A woman in her 60s in Utsunomiya City believed in false stories such as "the site usage fee has not been paid" and transferred cash to the designated account more than 300 times, and was deceived of a total of about 9400 million yen. Police are urging people to talk to their family or the police if they get money on the phone, as they suspect fraud.

According to the police, in July, a 7-year-old woman living in Utsunomiya City received a message on her smartphone about her phone bill.

When a woman called the number described in the message, a man claiming to be a telecommunications carrier or a police officer said, "The usage fee for the site has not been paid, please pay with electronic money," and the woman who believed the story purchased 69,10 yen worth of electronic money and told the number.

After that, I received calls such as "my mobile phone has been hacked and the victim has been arrested" almost every day, so I continued to transfer money to the instructed account 7 times from July to last month, and I was defrauded of a total of about 310 million yen from the deposit.

He felt suspicious, so he looked up the name of the company that answered the phone on the Internet and realized that he had been deceived.

The police are investigating it as a special fraud case and are calling on people to talk to their families or the police if they talk about money on the phone, as they suspect fraud.