Recently, a 23-year-old girl who works as a contractor in Shanghai has been on the hot search, which has attracted the attention of the majority of netizens.

It is understood that the girl's name is Xiaoxue, from rural Hubei, in order to help her father-in-law who is doing demolition (demolition of the old decoration of the customer's home) in Shanghai, she inadvertently used social media to take orders. In this way, Xiaoxue became a contractor foreman, not only giving the family a stable income, but also forming a demolition team to drive the villagers to get rich together.

On November 11, a reporter from Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News contacted Xiaoxue and listened to her tell about the experience of transforming from a full-time mother to a contractor, "I am very grateful for this opportunity, so that I can work hard while I am young and get rich with my own labor." ”

Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Xu Shaoda

1 Sledgehammer putty post-00s mother transforms into "contractor"

Xiaoxue is 23 years old this year, a native of Jingzhou, Hubei, she is petite, and now she can skillfully smash the wall with a sledgehammer, complete heavy physical work such as shoveling putty and demolishing the wall, and she can't see that a year ago, she was still a full-time mother who concentrated on taking care of the baby.

Xiaoxue told reporters that it was purely by chance that she became the contractor of the demolition team. She has been taking care of her baby at home since she got married, and she will post her baby on social media in her free time, and she has some fans of Bao Ma. In 2021, she used social media to help her father-in-law who demolished the old one in Shanghai, "I didn't expect the power of the Internet to be very strong, and soon some netizens privately messaged me to invite my father-in-law to go to his house to demolish the balcony." After my father-in-law went, this netizen also posted on his social media to praise my father-in-law for his serious work, which caused a chain reaction, and we received two orders through social media one after another. ”

Xiaoxue said that after the orders increased, her father-in-law couldn't finish it alone, "I discussed it with my husband, and rushed to Shanghai from Hangzhou, where I lived at the time, overnight, to undertake the demolition of the old work with my father-in-law." ”

Xiaoxue recalled that at the beginning, she couldn't pick up a sledgehammer at all, so she could only start with light work and gradually adapt to the weight, such as shoveling putty, tearing down floors and ceilings, and other different types of work, so she followed the skills of Gonggong little by little.

Although not skilled, but Xiaoxue is better than careful and serious, "many customers just saw a little girl leading the team to the door, some questioned our level, until the customer saw that I was worried about every process, to take care of a lot of details, then put their minds at ease, after the completion, the customers will also give me a thumbs up, and some customers take the initiative to help us post on the Internet." Slowly, our team has gained some reputation in Shanghai. So Xiaoxue demolished the old one while recording the daily demolition on social media. Her video records the busyness of the workers when the old ones were demolished, and also records the cleanliness and freshness of the house after the work is over.

2 Recruit fellows to form a team, and the small workshop will be transformed into a rich group

Xiaoxue said that at first, it was a "family workshop" of three, and as more and more orders grew, they decided to set up a special demolition team.

"My husband's hometown is Taoxiaohuzhuang, Suixi County, Huaibei City, Anhui Province, and there are many people in the village who come to Shanghai to work and pull wood in the building materials market, and the income is not much, but it is very hard." The threshold for demolishing the old one is not high, and you can basically learn it after a few days of familiarity, "so we gathered dozens of fellow villagers who worked in Shanghai and sent them jobs at wages higher than the market price, so they were all happy to follow us to demolish the old ones." ”

Xiaoxue said that the villagers work very efficiently and seriously, so they never pay wages in arrears. Up to now, her demolition team has 50 or 60 people, and even as many as 100 people in the peak decoration season.

In order to improve the quality of service, Xiaoxue summarized a set of demolition processes and acceptance standards, and customers are not satisfied with the rework at any time. Xiaoxue also found a set of experience with workers, "When there is no order, if the workers are idle, I will allow them to work for other bosses." When there are relatively few orders, we also accept orders with lower prices, even if we don't make money on this order, we will ensure that the fellows have money to make and ensure that they don't lose money. It's just to keep the workers working as much as possible so that they will always follow me. ”

3 Stable income can buy a house, and the registered company is "quite well demolished"

Xiaoxue said that now she may be more like a "contractor foreman" than she was just starting out, "I received orders for demolishing old ones, and I also sent orders to relatives, and when there were many orders, I also needed to coordinate workers and construction periods, and I was very busy just doing this." ”

Xiaoxue said frankly that she graduated from junior high school and her education level was not high, and it was very difficult to find a job before, but she did not expect that through social media and her spirit of not being afraid of hardship, she would obtain a stable income, so that their family could gain a foothold in a big city. "Before he started his old work, my husband worked as a food delivery driver in Hangzhou, earning about six or seven thousand yuan a month, and he earned hard-earned money. Now we have a job as a family, and the income is good. My mother-in-law was sick before, and we saved enough for the surgery by our own efforts, and now we have started to plan to buy a house in our hometown. ”

In order to facilitate the receipt of large orders in large areas such as shopping malls and office buildings, Xiaoxue also registered a company. Xiaoxue joked that her "Demolition Co., Ltd." is quite famous in Shanghai's demolition industry. In the future, she plans to make the demolition business a well-known level in the industry, and bring more fellow villagers to "chase their dreams on the beach" together.

At the end of the interview, Xiaoxue told reporters seriously: "I am very lucky to get this entrepreneurial opportunity, I want to fight while I am young, and it is the most practical to make money by my own labor." ”