There have been a number of cases where YouTubers have seized passengers on the train or station premises for suspicious acts suspected of being molested or voyeurized, calling them "private arrests" and posting videos of the situation on the Internet.
Railway companies do not allow the shooting of such videos and ask them to stop because they may lead to trouble.

"Private Arrest" Video Viewed Nearly 100 Million Times

Multiple YouTubers have posted many videos on the Internet that capture passengers as "private arrests" for suspicious acts suspected of being molested and voyeurized on JR and private railway trains and stations, and some have been viewed nearly 100 million times.

A suspected passenger came down the stairs ...

Even the general public is allowed to arrest if it is a current offense, but there are also videos that show the filmed passengers falling down the stairs of the station and colliding with other passengers.

In addition, in some videos, the passenger's face is shown as it is.

Railway companies "do not allow photography or posting"

According to NHK's interviews with six major railway companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area, none of them allow the shooting or posting of such videos from the viewpoint of the possibility of problems such as injuries to passengers and privacy protection.

In addition, some companies are considering measures such as increasing the number of precautions on their websites.

JR East Japan commented, "I would like you to stop disturbing the order of the station and inside the train, and I would like you to stop filming and publishing videos that show other passengers because it will lead to trouble."

Comments from Railway Companies

【JR East Japan】
"We would like you to refrain from acts that disrupt the order of the station or on the train, such as acts that may endanger other passengers, and we also ask that you refrain from filming or publishing videos that show other passengers, as it may affect privacy and lead to problems between passengers."

"There is a possibility that it may be a problem between customers or an infringement of the customer's portrait rights or privacy due to photography. In addition, we are considering expanding the description of precautions when shooting as a request to customers on our official website."

[Tokyu Corporation]
"Walking while filming may lead to serious accidents, such as contact between customers and the risk of falling from the platform. We ask that you stop. In light of the recent situation, we will consider countermeasures as necessary."

"Although the mosaic is hung on the victim, it can be said that it contains information that can be used to identify an individual, such as the station used and clothing, and it is considered that there is an issue from the perspective of personal information, so please refrain from taking pictures of the situation.

【Seibu Railway】
"As with other nuisances, we will take resolute measures such as stopping filming that constitutes a dangerous act, and we ask that you refrain from taking pictures from the viewpoint of privacy of customers and staff."

"If you see any filming that disturbs the safety or security of our customers, we ask that you refrain from doing so, and we ask for your cooperation so that our customers can use the station and trains safely and securely."