Sébastien Bordenave / Photo credits: JOSEP LAGO / AFP 11:46 a.m., November 08, 2023

You know Charles Perrault's famous tale, "Bluebeard", but do you know it from comic books? Inspired by the fairy tale, this comic book is an adaptation of a novel by Amélie Nothomb. This was a first for the Belgian author, who had never seen one of her books translated into a comic book until now.

A comic strip revisits Charles Perrault's famous fairy tale, Bluebeard. Except that this time, the comic is an adaptation of a novel by Amélie Nothomb. A first for the famous writer.

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Amélie Nothomb's unique style fits the comic book format

Let's spare a thought for those who don't like the Belgian author with the hat. Because every year, they risk seeing the new novel of the new school year released in bookstores, and then in the wake of the comic book version of one of his past books. Which is likely to happen as Amélie Nothomb's sense of intrigue, the art of counterpoint and her unique style fit perfectly with this format.

Only one piece is forbidden

The illustrator Camille Benyamina has worked a lot in children's illustration and has kept a comforting graphic softness. She has also worked in video games and has kept a sense of rhythm. This is the story of Saturnine, a young woman who applies for an apartment. But a worry transcends her, the eight women who preceded her have all disappeared. The apartment is a private mansion, the bedroom is a suite, the bathroom is made of marble, the only imperative: it is absolutely forbidden to enter a darkroom that is used to develop photos.

In the foreword, the cartoonist writes: "I thank Amélie Nothomb for agreeing to entrust me with her child." Bluebeard by Camille Benyamina and Amélie Nothomb published by Albin Michel as a comic strip is a beautiful baby.