Lanzhou, China News Service, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- "Chinese Medicine Fever" Leads Overseas Youth to Gansu, an Important Birthplace of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to "Learn from Teachers"

Written by Yan Jiao

A few months ago, young students from all over the world, driven by the overseas "Chinese medicine fever", came to Gansu, a major province of traditional Chinese medicine, with curiosity and love, to "seek teachers and learn from experience". They share the same goal of learning Chinese medicine, but also have different dreams. Some people want to return to China to open a TCM clinic, and some people want to stay because of their "TCM love".

At the beginning of November, Laili, an Afghan student from Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, gave acupuncture to local patients. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Laili, a 28-year-old student from Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Afghanistan, began in 2013. At that time, she had just traveled to Central Asia, West Asia, and Southeast Asia. During this trip, she found that almost every country has opened a Chinese medicine hall, and she was told by many people along the way that "Chinese medicine is very good", which aroused her great interest.

After 5 years of TCM theoretical knowledge in China, Laili went to Turkey to start her 3-year TCM practice. The TCM clinic where she works has been opened by Chinese for more than <> years and has been well received by local residents, especially the use of traditional Chinese medicine methods such as acupuncture and massage, which have remarkable effects on insomnia, facial paralysis, shoulder and neck pain, etc., making local patients feel that "Chinese medicine is very powerful!" ”

"I like and admire TCM very much, I have learned a lot in the TCM clinic, it is very important to me, and I want to keep learning." Out of her obsession with traditional Chinese medicine, Laili came to Gansu from Turkey this year to become a graduate student at Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. ”

In an interview with a reporter from China News Service on the 5th, Laili said frankly that it has always been her dream to invite traditional Chinese medicine doctors from China to Afghanistan and open clinics integrating traditional Chinese and Western medicine to benefit local patients.

In addition to Laili, Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has 17 international students from 119 countries, most of whom are studying traditional Chinese medicine.

According to Shu Chang, deputy dean of the School of International Education of Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the number of students has increased year by year since the school enrolled the whole class of TCM students in 2015. At present, it has trained more than 25 international students from 160 countries.

On August 2021, 8, in the Zheng's Acupuncture Department of the Affiliated Hospital of Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, physicians performed Dunhuang characteristic moxibustion for patients. (Data map) by Gao Zhan

Similar to Laili's experience, Maria, a Russian student at Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has visited Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries and regions. Through the "street collection" along the road, it was found that the people in these countries generally have a high degree of recognition and acceptance of traditional Chinese medicine.

Maria mentioned that traditional Chinese medicine is also widely used in Russia, there are books on traditional Chinese medicine, there are traditional Chinese medicine talents and equipment imported from China, many people around her have been exposed to traditional Chinese medicine, and there are young people who come to China to study traditional Chinese medicine.

"How to look and hear, how to use the knowledge of Chinese medicine to stabilize emotions, how to use qigong to exercise the body?" Maria, who is studying for a PhD in Integrative Medicine, believes that the psychology and physiology of patients should be equally concerned, which makes her pay special attention to the efficacy of TCM, "Our children are sick, and we will also use TCM treatment at home. ”

Gansu is an important birthplace of traditional Chinese medicine, giving birth to the "ancestor of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine" Qi Bo, "the originator of acupuncture" Huangfu Mi, etc., for thousands of years, the formation of the "Yellow Emperor Neijing", Han Dynasty medical Jane, Dunhuang medicine and other traditional Chinese medicine theories. At present, the province has established 12 Qihuang TCM centers and colleges in 16 countries that jointly build the "Belt and Road", with a total of more than 200 kinds of TCM products registered overseas and 18,<> patients treated. (ENDS)