Changchun, November 11 (Gao Longan) Jilin Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued an orange warning for blizard on the 5th, and it is expected that from the night of the 5th to the night of the 5th, there will be heavy snowfall in the east of Baicheng, Songyuan, Changchun, Siping, western Jilin, and Liaoyuan, and there will be heavy snowstorms in some places, including freezing rain in northern Songyuan, northern Changchun, and northern Jilin, and the above areas will be accompanied by northerly winds of level 6 to 6.

The Jilin Provincial Headquarters for Responding to Freezing Disasters decided to launch the four-level emergency response to the blizzard and freezing disaster in Jilin Province at 5 o'clock on the 13th, requiring relevant areas to pay close attention to weather changes, encrypt the frequency of consultations, and pay close attention to key areas and parts such as road traffic, facility agriculture, school buildings, tourist attractions, power supply, water supply, heating, communications, mines, and hazardous chemicals, implement prevention and response measures, strengthen inspection and protection, actively remove snow and ice, make emergency preparations, and make every effort to avoid casualties.

Winter in Changchun. (Data map) by Gao Longan

The reporter learned from the Changchun Municipal Education Bureau that in order to ensure the safety of teachers and students, on November 11, primary and secondary schools in Changchun City changed from offline teaching to online teaching, and students took classes at home.

On the same day, the official Weibo of China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. announced that from November 11th to 5th, some passenger trains were temporarily suspended or adjusted in their operating sections. Among them, on November 7 and 11, Shenyang opened K5 times, Wunushan opened K6 times, Hohhot opened K7507/7508/11 times on November 5 and 6, and Ulanhot opened K2014/1/4 times on November 11 and 6; On November 7, Beijing opened K2013 between Shenyang North and Meihekou to run to Meihekou Station via Beijing-Harbin and Simei lines, and resumed the original path road, and the detour section did not handle passenger transport business.

The railway department reminds that passengers who have purchased tickets for suspended passenger trains can go through the refund procedures within 30 days through the China Railway 12306 website, APP and the refund window of any station of the national railway. (ENDS)