According to the Ministry of Emergency Management, at 2023:4 on April 2, 13, a large gas deflagration accident occurred at the Sishangshan coal mining face on the second floor of the south wing of the +29m East Shimen South Wing of Jikun Mining Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jikun Coal Mine), Baishan City, Jilin Province, resulting in 290 deaths and 4 injuries (another 4 people were unwell and recovered after oxygen inhalation), with a direct economic loss of 4.1016 million yuan.

After the accident, Jikun Coal Mine failed to report in accordance with regulations, and concealed the accident by illegally transporting and cremating the bodies of the victims, and sealing the accident scene. After receiving reports from the public, when the Baishan City Emergency Management Bureau and the Jiangyuan District Emergency Management Bureau went to the mine from April 2023 to 4, 3 to verify the reported case, the mine still did not report it truthfully. On April 12 and 4, under pressure, four people, including the mine investor and the mine manager, surrendered themselves, and the accident was verified by the Baishan Municipal People's Government.

Recently, the Jilin Bureau of the State Mine Safety Supervision Bureau released the investigation report of the accident. After investigation and verification, the Baishan Municipal People's Government Office confirmed that at about 4:2 on April 2023, 4, a gas accident occurred in Jikun Coal Mine, causing 2 deaths and 14 injuries. After on-site investigation by the Mine Rescue Brigade of Tonghua Mining Group Company, the hidden area of Kaifeng was closed and comprehensively searched, and no other casualties were found.

The accident investigation report made a total of 36 recommendations for accountability and handling of the relevant responsible personnel. Among them, 12 people were recommended to be handed over to the judicial organs for handling, 8 people were recommended to be given administrative punishments, and 15 people were recommended to be held accountable for party and government discipline. A total fine of 500 million yuan was imposed on the Jikun Coal Mine for concealing a major accident and being included in the joint disciplinary action; Jikun Coal Mine has not obtained a safety production license, and illegally produced coal outside the scope of technical transformation design, which is an illegal coal mine, confiscated the illegal income and mined coal and mining equipment, and imposed a fine, and requested the Baishan Municipal People's Government to close it down in accordance with the law. (CCTV News Client)