Antoine Bienvault / Photo credit: JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP 15:06 p.m., October 26, 2023

Asterix is back in bookstores with the release of "The White Iris", the 40th installment of the successful saga. In this album, the balance of the village of indomitable Gauls is threatened by a Roman who seeks to soften Asterix and Obelix with the precepts of wokism. Europe 1 went to collect the first impressions of enthusiasts.

Dozens of carefully highlighted albums and the face of the Gallic hero plastered on his bookshop. Raphaël has planned everything for the release of the new Asterix. A 40th opus called "L'Iris Blanc" with almost guaranteed success. And that did not disappoint the bookseller, seduced in particular by the dialogues written by Fabcaro. "He's very nice. You can really see that it's Fabcaro. He doesn't care about new trends, especially about self-righteousness, and everyone gets a bit of it. So it's really neat."

"It's Christmas before its time"

The joy of reuniting with the two Gallic heroes is also felt by Jean-Christophe, who came to pick up his comic book as soon as it opened. "It's Christmas before its time. It always reminds me of the time when Christmas is coming, when we treat ourselves to a new comic book like Asterix. I usually buy it as soon as it comes out."


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In all bookstores, we expect a busy day, like at Stéphane's, for whom the release of a new Asterix is always an event. "This is the long-awaited book par excellence. So, we're waiting for people. Already yesterday, I had people who came to see if they could already have it. I said, 'No, it's tomorrow.'" He also loved this new opus, worthy, in his words, of the historical comics of Goscinny and Uderzo.