On October 10, Hollywood Information released an official Weibo post saying that the domestic comedy "Hello, Li Huanying" will be remade in English. Subsequently, Sony Pictures' official Weibo confirmed the news, saying that Sony Pictures will remake "Hello, Li Huanying", with the original director Jia Ling as the producer. In fact, domestic film and television works have received a number of olive branches from overseas this year. Not long ago, Netflix announced the purchase of the broadcast rights of "The Long Season", which was officially launched on October 19. In the eyes of practitioners, with the recovery and recovery of the film and television industry, the overseas distribution channels of domestic films have resumed access, and the number of domestic and foreign film cooperation and exchanges will continue to increase.

The first remake of a domestic comedy

The Hollywood version of "Hello, Li Huanying" is coming.

On October 10, the Weibo topic of "Hollywood remake of Hello Li Huanying" rushed to the hot search list, and Sony Pictures then officially announced through the official Weibo: it will remake the English version of "Hello, Li Huanying", with Jia Ling as the producer. It is reported that this will be the first domestic comedy film to be remade by Hollywood.

Lighthouse Professional Edition shows that "Hello, Li Huanying" was released in the Spring Festival in 2021, ranking third in the box office list of Chinese film history with a box office score of 54.13 billion yuan.

In addition, public information shows that after the 2023 Spring Festival film "The Wandering Earth 2" was released in dozens of countries and regions, the overseas box office exceeded 1 million yuan; The overseas broadcast platform of the sci-fi drama "The Three-Body Problem" has covered five continents; The urban drama "Xiaomin's House" became the first domestic film and television drama that exclusively purchased the global copyright outside Chinese mainland after Disney+ was launched; After "The Long Season" hit, Netflix bought the broadcast rights to the show and it began broadcasting on October 10.

Not long ago, at the press conference on the theme of "The Beginning of the Authoritative Department" held by the State Council's new office, Zhu Yonglei, deputy director of the State Administration of Radio and Television, introduced that in recent years, the original ability of domestic TV dramas has been significantly enhanced, and they have also entered the screens of countries around the world, and the export of TV dramas will reach 2022 times and 803,14 episodes in <>.

The global expression of the Chinese story

The word-of-mouth and market appeal of domestic films were tested and proved in the summer file shortly after the curtain. According to data from the National Film Administration, the total box office of movies in this summer's (June 6-August 1) was 8.31 billion yuan, breaking the record of the highest period in history.

While domestic films and television began to look for new possibilities overseas, challenges followed.

"Factors such as viewing habits and language are one of the difficulties for domestic films to accumulate audiences overseas. In addition, whether or not to win more films in the already highly competitive overseas film market is directly related to the overseas box office situation. Huang Can, who is engaged in film distribution, pointed out.

According to public information, as of 2023, the overseas box office champion of domestic films is director Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" in 2000, and the list is led by works directed by directors such as Jackie Chan and Zhang Yimou who have accumulated high popularity overseas.

Investment analyst Gao Jia pointed out that enriching the types of film and television works, improving the global radiation capacity of domestic films, and cultivating more international buyers are becoming new goals for the industry. Building the global expression of Chinese stories and the Chinese narrative system will help domestic films further out of the circle after "going to sea".

"With the recovery and recovery of the film and television industry, the pace of domestic and foreign film and television cooperation and domestic film and television 'going global' will continue to accelerate." Gao Jia said.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Lu Yang Han Xinyuan