Beijing, October 10 (Zhongxin Net) -- Four years ago, "young actors. Not red yet. It was the label that E. E. wrote for himself. Four years later, in the summer, with the hit of the costume drama "Cloud Feather", he entered the public's field of vision, and he is gradually realizing his former fantasy.

In those so-called "not red" days, Cheng Lei did not stop moving forward. Experience life, get fit, read books, learn instrumental music... The time gap waiting for the opportunity was filled by his skills to enrich himself.

In fact, doing this is not really just for "red", Cheng Lei said that he is even a little afraid of "red". "At that time, I just wanted to play better roles and works. The personal signature written down has a certain element of self-deprecation, which may also represent an expectation of oneself, and is more of a joke nature. ”

After a long wait, Yu Lei finally met the better character - Gong Shangjiao. In the smoky and cold palace gates, he is the tenacious and self-reliant but not loved by fate. This is a character who hides his mind deeply, he does not allow outsiders to "guess his mind without authorization", and sometimes even he can't see his heart clearly.

Therefore, Cheng Lei decided to become the person who knows Gong Shangjiao best, showing his ruthlessness, struggle, and vulnerability. At the same time, Gong Shangjiao also allowed actor Cheng Lei to officially enter the public eye.

The black that outsiders see

With the whiteness in my eyes

When "Cloud Feather" was completed, Cheng Lei recorded his journey with Gong Shangjiao in words, titled "The Heart of the Ink Pool".

In the middle of Kakunomiya's living room, there is an ink pool of unknown depth, "I found that the ink pool is a mirror, clearly reflecting things and allowing people to project their feelings. ”

Cheng Lei knew that the black of the ink pool was the protective color of Gong Shangjiao, always reminding him to hide his true emotions. "Let Jianghu respect you, Wufeng is afraid of you, this is the best purpose he wants to achieve." And under this layer of black protective shell, hides his most important weakness - family affection. "White is his base color, and he uses ruthlessness as a cover to protect those who are important to him."

Cheng Lei said that he did not read the characters with his eyes, but gradually understood Gong Shangjiao's intentions in the process of getting along with the characters and communicating with the opponent actors. "Sometimes I feel very sorry for Gong Shangjiao, and when he watches his younger brother Gong Yuanzheng and Shangguan shallow around him, he actually enjoys this rare family warmth a little."

Actor Yu Lei played Gong Shangjiao in "Cloud Feather". Photo courtesy of interviewee

The emotional fluctuations between Gong Shangjiao and the bladeless assassin Shangguan Asa in "Cloud Feather" affect the hearts of the audience. At first, Cheng Lei himself couldn't figure out whether Gong Shangjiao and Shangguan Shao were really in love. "It was in the process of acting, I found out that Gong Shangjiao was really in love with Shangguan Shao. Although he is outside the palace gate, he is not so handy in dealing with emotional problems. ”

Expressions of love come in many forms, and "restrained" love is his way of choosing to protect the relationship. Therefore, Cheng Lei hid Gong Shangjiao's love in the corners of his eyes and eyebrows, and only secretly flowed in the corner where no one noticed. In his opinion, Gong Shangjiao will instinctively resist this kind of love, "because this is a weakness that cannot be discovered, plus he has lost his favorite relatives before, and he dare not expect to have it again, so it is actually difficult for him to pick up his lover's ability again." ”

Although Gong Shangjiao's vulnerable side distressed him, Cheng Lei confessed that he had installed a strong person through Gong Shangjiao's shell. "I don't have to actually carry the pressure of Gong Shangjiao, and I can pretend to be strong under his shell, which is the most enjoyable part of playing this role."

Actor Yu Lei played Gong Shangjiao in "Cloud Feather". Photo courtesy of interviewee

The simpler it is, the easier it is to be misunderstood

But will not give up expression

Now in the face of Cheng Lei, it is difficult for you to find the shadow of Gong Shangjiao in him. During the interview, he talked about the Gong Shang Jiao in his eyes like a friend.

Although it has been 6 years since his debut, E. Yu Lei still seems to retain the humility of a newcomer. During the entire interview for nearly an hour, he straightened his back and listened carefully to every question of the reporter, and was not in a hurry to answer, waiting for the answer after thinking about organizing the language.

"Who do you think is the one who knows the role of Gong Shangjiao the most in the play?" The question, which sounded sparse and mundane, unexpectedly stumped him. "My younger brother (Gong Yuan) definitely understands him, but I was thinking that 'most' understood this matter... The younger brother knows himself better than Gong Shangjiao, and maybe Shangguan Qiandu discovered his emotional condition earlier than Gong Shangjiao, so he could better control him. ”

After the entanglement, Cheng Lei finally came to the conclusion that relatively speaking, it should be his younger brother who knows Gong Shangjiao best, and then Shangguan Shao. "But there is a difference in how the two treat this 'understanding'. The younger brother knows how to love and care for his brother, and Shangguan Shao may sometimes use this 'understanding', which is more complicated. ”

Actor Cheng Lei. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Being good at grasping key words is an intuitive impression after talking with E. Lei. This seriousness, in his own words, is already a bit "more true".

When asked, "When did you find yourself in love with acting?" His first reaction was how to measure the degree of "love"? "If I like acting, I started loving it when I started doing it. If it's 'love' on the show, I can't remember exactly what moment. ”

After speaking, Cheng Lei looked down and thought for a while, raised his head and said: "The real level of 'love' should be after I realized that acting is a difficult thing, and I felt that it was very deep, and there was a lot to learn from me. ”

"I find that acting is the same as any other art, you need to draw energy and radiate energy. There won't be a set standard for characters, it's not that if the characters are written like this, you have to act like this. The director must have seen the qualities in you, your experience, just enough to bring a different spark to this character. So the actor is creating the character, and this emotional creation makes me fall in love with acting. Yu Lei said.

In E. Lei's world, he clearly distinguishes between "like" and "love", and adverbs of degree need to be treated with caution. Is such a rigorous wording because of the fear of being misunderstood? "I don't know when I started to pick words, I often go around a big bend to describe a very simple word, because you know that the simpler the word, the easier it is to be misunderstood." He replied.

"You see I'm going around a big bend to talk about this now, and I always feel that if you don't specifically talk about a bunch of related words to describe it, then other people's free imagination of it is greater." As for whether this is the case for fear of being misunderstood, I have not linked the two before. Now think about it, it may be, but it can't answer you accurately. ”

- "Will you give up expressing yourself for fear of being misunderstood?" ”

- "No, just say more." ”

Actor Cheng Lei. Photo courtesy of interviewee

A path of gradually becoming a stronger actor

It involves constant rejection and denial

E. Lei's debut experience is a classic template in the entertainment industry: he participated in an interview with a friend and was selected to debut. Before this, he never imagined that he would one day become an actor.

"When I was young, I had a dream to sit in a cubicle and type, and I thought that would mean I had a stable job." His ideal future was to walk through a sun-drenched office building every day and sit in a cubicle to code. "Later, I found out that I was watching too many coffee ads. At that time, it was often seen on TV that a handsome guy was sitting in a cubicle drinking coffee and starting a good day. Cheng Lei laughed and talked about his childhood naïve thoughts.

Later, he became fascinated by painting and was admitted to Hebei Academy of Fine Arts in college. In his senior year, the crew went to Cheng Lei's college to film, and one of his actor friends said that the crew needed group acting, so he pulled his roommates from the entire dormitory to audition together. In the end, Cheng Lei was invited by the assistant director to be a special actor, and thus entered the entertainment industry.

Actor Cheng Lei. Photo courtesy of interviewee

For actor Cheng Lei, it seems that this is the first turn of the gears of fate. He said: "I think the gears of destiny must be turning all the time, but I didn't know it before." For example, if I hadn't been at that school, I wouldn't have met the crew filming, and I wouldn't have met my acting friends, and everything might not happen now. It seems that looking back, you can't make a wrong step. ”

Fate gave him the opportunity to change the "runway", but this new path was far from easy to take. When he first entered the industry, Cheng Lei shot a large number of short audition films, and the success rate was all based on luck. Sometimes he just finished a cycle of filming, and after trying one or two films, he may pick up the file; There were also times when I was unlucky, and I tried hard for 30 films and didn't win.

"When 30 people in a row deny you, it's hard not to get frustrated, as if every role is not suitable, so what can I play? Being rejected all the time during the process, and then cheering myself up all the time, I think it's a very growing thing. ”

Over time, E. E. gradually became numb to this rejection. "Because you know that at that time, you may have too much subjective emotions, or you may have come out of society and think that everyone is denying you, but it is not. Now you are only temporary, does not mean that you will always be like this, you can change yourself through hard work. ”

After growing up, Cheng Lei looked back and found, "Acting is a path that gradually makes himself stronger, which also includes being constantly rejected and denied." (End)