【Commentary】On the streets of Xiangheli Community, Chenghua District, Chengdu, Sichuan, there is a shop called the realistic version of "idle fish", focusing on recycling, consignment, and old renovation, attracting nearby residents to come to check in for "cash" from time to time.

As soon as you enter the store, you can see a variety of products such as ornaments, electrical appliances, accessories, clothing, etc., and most of the products do not show obvious signs of use. Lu Liping, the owner of the store, introduced that unlike "two luxury" and vintage clothes, because it is more inclined to daily idleness, the goods in the store are old things from people all over the country. Although there are clear rules for recycling consignment, since the store opened in 2021, the products in the store have hardly been out of stock.

【During the same period】The manager of the two-hand store Lu Liping

At present, we put these old clothes or old household items in such a space through the form of stores, and you can come over to consign, recycle, or buy what you need. Many people felt that there was finally such a place that I could leave idle, so at that time it was not only possible to stereotype that young people liked second-hand, including some uncles and aunts, who had a lot of redemption prizes and brand new things at home, and these goods would also be taken out and put in the store for consignment.

【Commentary】It is reported that the consignment price of the goods in the store is priced according to the market valuation and negotiated by the customer, and the store only charges a handling fee, and the payment will be made to the customer's account after completing the transaction. Lu Liping introduced that the current customer group is mostly women aged 18 to 35, but second-hand consumption is gradually being accepted by more people.

【During the same period】The manager of the two-hand store Lu Liping

We will all find that under the "buy, buy, buy", too "brainwashed" by consumerism, so we will have a lot of idle things at home. The second is the post-epidemic era, everyone realizes that consumerism can not always "buy, buy, buy", including how much cash we have on hand, this concept is becoming more and more sensitive, so they are unwilling to consume "brainlessly", and now it seems to be very little, so there may be more people willing to choose, if you see this thing it is very clean, very tidy, but also to meet their current needs, I believe more people will choose the form of second-hand.

In addition to providing customers with a physical platform to deal with old things, Lu Liping introduced that they also created an artist transformation business. The old items donated by customers are provided to the artists for old renovation, and the proceeds from the sales are "fed back" to the artists.

【During the same period】The manager of the two-hand store Lu Liping

Neither consignment nor recycling (old things), like some better fabrics, or the outer packaging of some goods, we will give things to him (the artist), he comes to pick it and go back to do a second creation, after the second creation we call it old art goods, can return to the store to continue a secondary sale.

Lu Liping quipped that although most of the people who choose consignment and recycling are for the purpose of "monetization", there are also many people who hope to transmit their emotions through consignment.

【During the same period】The manager of the two-hand store Lu Liping

We received a vinyl record, everyone was very impressed, the original owner of the record he used to suffer from depression, he said I want to put this record in "two hands" to sell, because it accompanied me (the original owner) through the whole process of my depression treatment. If someone sees this vinyl, I (he) don't necessarily need it, but when you know his story, you think I want to treasure it, want to continue the previous use, I continue to treasure this vinyl record, so its meaning is different, it will be very touching. We also hope to bring some of these different stories to this store, and hope to collect such different stories in the community.

【Commentary】In the past two years, this store focusing on "second-hand life" has had a warehouse-style branch and a street-facing store. Although it has attracted many customers, due to objective factors such as business models, the store has returned to the "starting point".

【During the same period】The manager of the two-hand store Lu Liping

The first two years are equivalent to some sunk costs, and everyone is learning. Since the beginning of this year, we have come up with some development strategies of the brand, not only to make stores, but also to do community and culture. We will now also gather these small partners who like second-hand in a (around) community or region through the form of a market, and everyone can go to a transaction, take out their idle and sell it, or you can go to the spot to find some things you like.

Lu Liping bluntly said that in the future, they will continue to work hard to expand the scale, hoping to let more people accept this green and sustainable cost-effective "circular" life.

Yang Yuxi reported from Chengdu

Responsible Editor: [Li Ji]