In April, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested two suspects in their 4s in a robbery case in which a man broke into a precious metals store in Ueno, Tokyo, stole watches and other items from the store, and fled.

Two suspects were arrested: Yuki Fujimoto (32) and Toshiaki Tezuka (34), both of whom have unspecified addresses and are unemployed.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, in April this year, he broke into a precious metal purchase store in Ueno, Taito Ward, broke the showcase with a wrench-like tool, and robbed 2 items such as watches and necklaces inside, worth about 4 million yen.

As a result of the investigation by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, which analyzed the footage from security cameras around the scene, it was found that Fujimoto, who is believed to be the perpetrator, is suspected of riding a moped motorcycle into the store and attacking it, and then fleeing as it was.

Tezuka also sold necklaces that had been stolen from the store the day after the incident at another store in Yokohama City.

It means that they are silent about all investigations.

The two are acquaintances, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details of the incident.