Today, October 10, is "Bedsore Prevention Day" designated by the Society. Pressure ulcers, called bedsores, can become a serious and life-threatening problem if treated late and worsened, and the Society calls for prevention and early detection.

More than 3,<> patients

The "Japan Pressure Ulcer Society," which is made up of medical professionals, has designated today, October 10, as "Bedsore Day" as a pun.

Bedsores are medically called pressure ulcers, and are wounds caused by damage to the skin and underlying tissues caused by prolonged contact with bedding or wheelchairs.

According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, it is estimated that there will be about 20,2020 patients nationwide in 3 who are being treated for bedsores, but the reality is even higher because it does not include people who are not receiving treatment or are unaware of their symptoms.

If bedsores worsen, they can become infected with bacteria and become a serious and life-threatening situation, and the Society recommends that prevention and early detection be important, and that doctors and nurses should be consulted if there is a possibility of bedsores.

"Early detection leads to treatment"

Junko Sugama, president of the Japan Pressure Ulcer Society, said, "Many people are receiving nursing care not only at hospitals but also at home, so I hope that their families will find them at an early stage and link them to appropriate treatment."

Even if it's a small bedsore at first...

Elderly people have a low skin regeneration ability and once bedsores occur, it is difficult to heal and often causes severe pain.

Ryoko Saito, a nurse at a special nursing home for the elderly in Suita City, Osaka, says, "Even small bedsores at first can go deeper into the skin and become infected with bacteria and kill you, so I am always careful how to prevent it."

At this facility, we are focusing on bedsore countermeasures tailored to each resident, and nurses, caregivers, nutritionists, and physical therapists work as a team to prevent bedsores.

First, when bathing on the day you enter the facility, you will look all over your body to check for dry skin and traces of bedsores.

We also take preventive measures such as measuring body pressure and considering the position when sleeping.

"Bedsores can be prevented" I want to change the awareness of the workplace

Ms. Saito says, "For many years in nursing care settings, I think there was an awareness that it was natural for bedsores to occur when bedridden were formed, but I would like to change the awareness of the field and improve knowledge and skills that bedsores can be prevented or reduced to zero."

Everywhere from head to foot

According to the "Japan Pressure Ulcer Society", bedsores tend to form in places under the body where the bones protrude, and can occur in a wide range of places from head to foot, whether sleeping or sitting.

Countermeasure 1 "Compression countermeasures"

It is a preventive method to prevent bedsores.

It means that it is effective to choose mattresses and cushions that contain air or are made of urethane to distribute body pressure.

Countermeasure 2 "Deviation countermeasures"

When the skin is rubbed, bedsores are likely to occur even under weak pressure, so one of the measures is to pay attention to whether the body does not slide off when moving the electric bed or getting up, and to use a slippery sheet and gloves to care for it.

Countermeasure 3: Prevention of bedridden

In addition to exercising moderately to maintain muscles, it is important to get enough nutrition.

The initial symptoms of bedsores are redness of the skin and stiffness under the skin, so it is also important to detect them early.

Promoting understanding with Kawayanagi

The Society for Japan Pressure Ulcers is working to expand understanding by publishing river willows on the theme of bedsores.

It means that you don't have to worry about bedsores and nursing care on your own, but you want to share your worries and hardships.

Among the selected works are humorous works such as "From the prevention of bedsores and mental misalignment" and "I want to stretch pajamas, sheets, and wrinkles on my face."

Also selected were "Don't Miss Small Red Lights on the Skin" and Caution Against Bedsores.