Behind every terrorist act is the immense pain it inflicts on so many innocent families whose lives are shattered. The trajectory of Arnaldo Otegi in ETA (1977-1987), which EL MUNDO has been revealing since Monday based on unpublished police and judicial documents, portrays the non-existent morality of the leader of EH Bildu, but also demonstrates the extent to which our country has naturalized the role of a party that has not condemned the more than 800 crimes of ETA.

One of the cases I didn't know

One of the most important events with which Otegi was allegedly linked was the assassination, in 1980 in San Sebastian, of the UCD politician

Juan de Dios Doval.

The confessed killer told the police that Otegi had ordered him to do so. The story is shocking: Doval was convinced that he was going to be killed. Both of her sons lost their father when they were just seven and four years old.

Far from condemning such barbarism, the left


It is still headed by several of those gunmen, which is an explicit act of reaffirmation of its violent past. The moral abyss is before our eyes:

Convicted former terrorists

they lead a booming party that the government considers absolutely legitimate. As the Doval brothers say, there will be no memory or justice as long as the murderers continue to be whitewashed.


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