Since the outbreak of the "Al-Aqsa flood", the global reactions have been unprecedentedly unprecedented, but this time they have not come as routine as usual, as they have not carried any demands for restraint and calm, and the proposal for a truce to deliver humanitarian aid to civilians trapped in Gaza, trapped between the hum of planes, the sounds of bombs and explosions, and the sirens that sound throughout day and night.

What is strange and striking about these statements is the huge number of accusations leveled against the Palestinian side by Washington's friends and beneficiaries, and the use of threats and warnings to anyone who tries to extend a helping hand to the Palestinians, or the entry of other parties into the existing conflict line, and stigmatizing the resisters and their supporters as terrorists.

The United States of America, Britain and France rushed to send the most powerful and largest naval fleets, loaded with various military equipment, and put them on alert in the eastern Mediterranean off the coast of Gaza, and several European countries announced their readiness to support the Zionist entity with everything it needs in the war of extermination waged against all that is Palestinian, including people and stone.

We have all seen the repression practiced by "democratic countries" against calls for demonstrations and protests in rejection of the aggression on the land of Palestine, where police forces heavily deployed in European streets and squares beat, dragged and arrested hundreds of demonstrators simply for rejecting the war of extermination in Gaza.

This is in addition to the decisions to criminalize solidarity with the Palestinian people, who expose its owner to imprisonment and a fine, and threaten their naturalized people, especially Muslims, with the withdrawal of nationalities and their expulsion from the country. It becomes natural and even necessary to search for the reasons for this great shift in attitudes, to understand the abhorrent brutality that has become marketed and dealt with by countries that claim to be democratic, and raise in the faces of all of us the banner of human rights.

Trade corridor fever and economic dominance

The fact indicated by the recent developments in the whole world, driven by a frantic desire to re-impose control and domination over the destinies of peoples through the economy this time, testifies to this fever trade corridors that swept the world during the past ten years, the latest of which was the project that was announced at the last G20 summit held in India on the ninth and tenth of last September.

It is the project called the Biden Corridor, under which an economic corridor will be established linking India and Europe through the Middle East, in which the United States of America, India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Italy, Germany and the European Union will participate.

The entry into the Middle East, specifically the Palestinian territories under the occupation authority to the port of Haifa within this project, is the real secret word behind the systematic destruction of the infrastructure of the Palestinian territories in Gaza, the genocide of its people, Washington's movement of its war fleets and their position in front of the coast of Gaza in a state of alert, and the calls that emanate from here and there to start the process of transferring two and a half million Palestinians from Gaza to Sinai in Egypt, provided that the residents of the West Bank will be deported later to Jordan, in exchange for dropping their debts. at global financial institutions and Western countries.

The first and most important of which lies in the goal of the Biden corridor project, which revolves around finding a mechanism to confront China's trade expansion represented by China's initiative called "Road and Belt" announced by Beijing in 2015, with the aim of increasing the volume of its trade with Central Asian countries, the Middle East, Europe, and the countries of: Africa and Latin America.

This comes especially after China succeeded in including more than one hundred and fifty countries and international organizations in this initiative, with the aim of pumping huge investments to develop the infrastructure of economic corridors that will connect more than seventy countries to establish a land belt of railways passing through the countries of Central Asia and Russia, as well as a sea route that enables China to reach Africa and Europe, at a total cost of up to one trillion dollars, which will enhance its economic position, and give it a dominant trade presence in A geographical area inhabited by two-thirds of the world's population.

Biden Corridor and its Role in Confronting the Road and Belt Corridor

In 2021, the US president presented to his European partners a plan to implement a global economic corridor project that includes a number of seaports, linking them to each other, as well as a network of railway lines, land transportation routes, in addition to building pipelines to export and import electricity and hydrogen to enhance energy supply, and the construction of fiber optic cables to transmit data and exchange information through a huge cross-border network with highly accurate and efficient technology.

He proposed to participate alongside Washington and the European Union, their allies in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, describing it as a game-changer and the creation of a new, more integrated and prosperous Middle East, with prosperity and stability that it had never enjoyed before.

The Biden corridor branches off separate corridors, the first of which starts from India by sea to the Arabian Gulf, the second starts by land from the UAE, passing through Saudi Arabia, Jordan to the occupied territories to the port of Haifa, and the third from Haifa to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea to the Greek port of Piraeus, which will be the point of distribution of goods by land to European countries.

European leaders who are looking for a way out to face the challenges facing the economies of their countries as a result of the growing Chinese hegemony over the global economy, found their way in Biden's project, especially after the size of the trade deficit between them and China last year amounted to nearly 400 billion dollars, and they considered it a lifeline from falling more into the clutches of the Chinese dragon, so Italy - one of the participants in the Road and Belt project - rushed to announce its withdrawal from it, after Biden officially presented his project at the last G<> summit.

Occupied Territories and their threat to the safety of the Biden corridor

The only obstacle that emerged in front of them and they found that it would stand as a solid obstacle, threatening the security and safety of Biden's project is the part associated with the occupied territories, as it will prevent the birth of a new Middle East, so everyone apparently agreed on the need to take decisive and firm action, whatever its humanitarian and financial cost, according to which several birds will be hit with one stone, and ensure the security and safety of the project without the need to allocate huge budgets periodically to secure this particular part of the corridor, in light of the presence of many organizations The Palestinian armed factions that represent a threat to the project and the security of the occupying power, and to achieve the desire of the Zionist entity to steal the rest of the Palestinian lands, whether in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank, and to end the Palestinian presence and close this file forever, and to cut off the road to Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean in favor of Greece.

They only lacked the opportunity to implement this diabolical plan, and with the outbreak of the "Al-Aqsa flood" in response to Israeli provocations, and the continuation of Jewish fanatics in storming and desecrating Al-Aqsa, and targeting the Almoravids and Almoravids, they found their desired way, so they rushed to implement their plan with all force and brutality, ignoring the Arab and Islamic reactions completely, as had already happened during the 1948 Nakba.

The announcement of the visit of the US President and his meeting in Jordan with Egypt, Jordan, and Mahmoud Abbas representing the Palestinian side to approve the new displacement plan, and determine the rewards that each party will receive will approve this plan and agree to implement it, for a new Middle East without the Palestinian cause, but the bombing of the Baptist Hospital prevented the completion of the visit, although the implementation of the plan will continue, and here we must not forget that the acceleration of normalization between some Arab regimes and the state The occupation during the past period has directly contributed to the West's acceleration of the steps to liquidate the Palestinian cause in this way.