Solène Delinger 16:12 p.m., October 19, 2023

Taylor Swift's bodyguard, born on a kibbutz in Israel, has decided to return to his homeland to join the Israeli army and fight against Hamas. The American singer has not yet reacted to the war between Israel and the terror group.

Duty calls... After providing security for Taylor Swift throughout the summer during the Eras Tour, the American popstar's bodyguard has decided to join the Israeli army to fight Hamas, according to information from Variety.

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"I can't sit on the sidelines while families are being slaughtered"

Taylor Swift's security guard, who prefers to remain anonymous, was born on a kibbutz in Israel, as reported by Israel Today. He left his home country to work in the security business in the United States. He explained his decision to return to Israel in a statement sent to Variety. "I have a dream job that I love, great friends that I call family, and a very comfortable house. I didn't have to come here... But I couldn't sit on the sidelines while families were massacred and burned alive in their homes! Just because they're Jewish or Israeli," he said.

"They killed and slaughtered families in their beds, next to their pets! Then they burned the houses! Try to imagine that this is happening in your own neighborhood, in your neighbors' homes or in a family you know," he added, before concluding: "I'm not just on Israel's side, I'm on the side of humanity."

Taylor Swift in the middle of promoting her film Eras Tour

Its boss Taylor Swift has not yet reacted publicly to the war between Israel and Hamas. The Cruel Summer singer is currently promoting her film Eras Tour, which is breaking records at the US box office with more than $96 million in receipts in just this weekend. The singer also made the cover of celebrity magazines by appearing with her new boyfriend, sportsman Travis Kelce.