A single program, but with the complete package. This will be the special gala of the One, Two, Three that can be seen live this afternoon (19:00 p.m.) on TheGregf's Twitch channel. And when the complete package is said, it means that the famous ruperta will be there, but Mayra Gómez Kemp will also have an important role, who also returns to the program two decades later.

Alejandro Ibáñez, son of Narciso Ibáñez Serrador and head of the production company Prointel, will be the director of this special broadcast, which will be presented by one of the most famous content creators and streamers, TheGrefg, and will feature dozens of stars from the digital and television worlds.

At the FesTVal in Vitoria last September, the presence of Teresa and Fernanda Hurtado, two of the mythical Tacañonas, was announced, and now it has been known that Mayra Gómez Kemp, the legendary presenter, will also be present.

The Spanish-Cuban presenter was the longest-lasting and most beloved presenter of the mythical contest, where she began in 1976 as one of the famous hostesses.

Mayra Gómez Kemp would be at the helm of the program six consecutive years, more than any other presenter, receiving another three TP de Oro awards for best presenter, which together with the 625-line one makes four awards. He combined the contest with radio, presenting the program Viva la gente on Antena 3 Radio together with Miguel Ángel Nieto.

At the end of the contest in 1988, Mayra continued on the radio, and in 1989 she moved to Antena 3 Television presenting the first live broadcast of a private broadcast, the chimes from the Puerta del Sol to receive 1990, in the test broadcasts of this channel.

In this afternoon's program there will be a first phase of questions, a second with physical tests and a third with the classic auction. Viewers will once again be able to see iconic characters from the show, such as the Stingy Boys and Ruperta the pumpkin. The production will feature hostesses and also hostesses. In addition, it will include musical, magic, comedy and dance performances.

As contestants of this new and unique One, Two, Three TheGregf will feature well-known characters from the streaming universe, such as Gemita and DJMariio, Luzu and Lluna Clark and Yosoyplex and Marta Díaz. Carla Pulpón, known for giving life to JingJing in Cuentos chinos and Mapi in Mapi. She will be the head of the flight attendant corps, made up of Nadia Vilaplana, Unai Liarte, Andrea Palazón, Néstor Seller, Abril Cols and Marta Hernández.

The auction will feature musical performances by Kiko Rivera, Vicco, and the School of Rock musical, as well as the participation of comedians JJ Vaquero and Juan Dávila and magicians Jandro and Juanma González.

In addition to TheGrefg, he will have another very popular streamer, Mr. Jagger, who will serve as Stingy.

The contest will begin broadcasting at 19:00 p.m. and is expected to end around <> p.m. Numerous brands have joined this proposal as sponsors where there will also be a red carpet that can also be seen live.

The mechanics of One, Two, Three were a revolution in the way television is made in Spain. Chicho Ibáñez Serrador had seen that there were only three possible types of contests on television: questions and answers, physical ability and psychological contests. Instead of choosing one of these three possibilities, he decided to mix them appropriately, resulting in a space he named One, Two, Three. The name of the contest refers to the three different parts of the program.

Each program had a specific theme around which the dialogues, the musical numbers, the secretaries' clothing and the scenery developed. The exception is the first fifteen programs of the first stage, where there was no specific theme or thematic sets. The first theme to be used was in the 16th programme, which was dedicated to The Bulls and Festivals of Spain.

There were themes that were repeated season after season and that gave rise to special programs. The most repeated was the Christmas special, in which the contestants and the entire audience were made up of children, with prizes, tests and questions adapted to their age.

In the first two stages, there were four pairs of contestants, three new pairs and the pair of champions.

In this first phase, there were three rounds of questions of increasing difficulty, with each pair receiving a total of three questions. These questions were brought to the contestants on trays by the hostesses, and each couple took an envelope, giving it to the presenter to read its contents: Say names of fruits, for example the apple." One,two, three... Answer again.

The second phase was the so-called knockout round. The mechanics of this varied completely from program to program. What they all had in common was physical and skill tests, but they changed depending on the theme of the show. What was common was that whoever won the tie won the pass to the auction, which was the last part full of music, humor and entertainment during which gifts were passed through the auction table.

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