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H.P. Baxxter and his girlfriend Sara at the Oktoberfest: Third marriage for the singer?


Felix Hörhager / picture alliance / dpa

All good things come in threes: Scooter frontman H.P. Baxxter wants to get married for the third time. "Yes, it's true – Sara and I are engaged," the 59-year-old singer told Bild on Wednesday.

They had been "quite romantically on the road in a Rolls-Royce classic car" in Scotland. During this vacation, he "asked for Sara's hand in marriage." The details of his wedding to the 22-year-old student, with whom he is said to have only been together for about half a year, are not yet clear. "That's all to come. For now, we're happy."

Baxxter also told the magazine »Bunte« details: »I had already bought the ring in Hamburg before our trip, carried it in my trouser pocket the whole time. I wanted it to fit and not stage anything. And there, in Fort William, on a lake in the middle of nowhere, it was just the two of us. The moment was perfect.« He is sure that his third marriage will be "the last", according to the singer.

Baxxter, whose real name is Hans Peter Geerdes, grew up in Leer in Lower Saxony in East Frisia and lives in Hamburg. With his techno band Scooter, he has been very successful since the nineties with songs such as »Hyper Hyper«.