A suspect in his 20s in Fukuoka City was arrested by the Kyoto Prefectural Police Headquarters for posting an advertisement for a false campaign on the SNS of an influencer who has the power to communicate online, having the person who saw it create a consumer finance account, hijack it, and withdraw money without permission, according to interviews with investigators. These new methods have been consulted one after another about damage in various places, and the police are calling for attention.

According to investigators, the arrested person was an unemployed suspect in his 20s living in Fukuoka City.

In May, the suspect was accused of violating the Unauthorized Access Prohibition Act and theft for borrowing money without permission using a consumer finance account of a woman in her 5s and withdrawing 20,20 yen in cash from an ATM at a convenience store in Fukuoka City.

According to investigators, the suspect first asked an Instagram influencer to post a false advertisement claiming that there was a campaign to earn 5,5 yen, promising a reward.

When a female follower who saw the post accessed the URL written in the ad, she began to communicate with the suspect on LINE and was induced to create a consumer finance account as a condition of applying for the campaign.

When creating an account, the suspect specified the ID and password, and after the woman registered, the suspect used this information to hijack the account and withdraw money without permission.

The woman said that she did not receive <>,<> yen and became aware of the damage when she received a notice from consumer finance of a loan that she did not recognize.

New methods that seem to have abused the power of influencers to transmit have been consulted one after another in various places, and the police are calling for attention.