Practitioners are uneven, just find open space to teach

There are many chaos in "barbaric growth" in off-campus sports training

After returning to school during the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday, primary and secondary schools in various districts in Beijing have successively carried out physical fitness tests for grades 4, 6 and 8. For a time, off-campus sports training stole the limelight online and offline, and many parents also signed up under the "physical anxiety" that was rendered. The reporter's recent investigation found that on the one hand, the demand for training is heating up rapidly, on the other hand, off-campus sports training institutions are chaotic, and many training institutions do not meet the norms in terms of practitioners and training venues.

Parent feedback

Training ads render "body test anxiety"

Since October, in the face of the fourth, sixth and eighth grade physical health tests, many parents have begun to worry. Does the addition of body mass index (BMI) items in the physical test mean that the "little fat mounds" will inevitably suffer? Can the daily practice of school physical education alone meet the needs of physical examination? Is it necessary to register for training courses outside the school and prepare for the exam in advance? For a time, "physical anxiety" spread among parents.

"One-on-one personal trainer counterattacks high scores." "Be sure to go to the simulation before the physical test, don't be late!" "The difference of 1 point in the middle school entrance examination is a difference of several thousand, and the physical test mastery method is twice as effective with half the effort." On online social media, searching for "Beijing physical examination" as the keyword, in addition to some parents' experience sharing, the screen is full of advertisements for personal training and training institutions, and the content of the copy is mostly promoting off-campus sports training programs. Some parents told reporters that they originally just wanted to go online to see the experts' policy interpretations and parents' experience posts, but after seeing Yishuier's training program, "I was once again wrapped in anxiety." ”

Offline, training institutions are also full of strength. The reporter found that some youth sports training institutions marked the scoring standards of physical test items for each grade on the advertising board of the store. The coach of a training institution revealed that the parents who came to consult in recent times are endless, and the whole institution is almost "busy and crazy", and it is necessary to make an appointment in advance to "grab" the coach.

Home personal trainer

The coach takes the students to practice in the community

"As soon as we received the physical test notice before the summer vacation this year, our parents entered the state of 'beating chicken blood'." Ms. Yang's daughter, who is currently in the fourth grade of a primary school in Haidian, explained the upcoming physical examination at a parent-teacher meeting in June. Ms. Yang said that although the school's physical education class organized physical training and the class parent committee also set up an extracurricular training group, she was still uneasy. "My children are not very good at sports, there are many weak items, and it must be difficult to get full scores."

On the recommendation of her classmates, Ms. Yang found a sports school student to teach her daughter. As for the reason for choosing, on the one hand, the professional degree of sports school students is enough, the price is relatively low, and the fee for each class is about 300 yuan; On the other hand, coaches come to the door to save parents and children commuting time, and training can be carried out in the open space of the community. "Training plans, movement norms, avoiding injuries, etc. are all very important, I don't have the ability to help children, I still want to find professional people to do professional things."

After a period of hard work, Ms. Yang's daughter got a full score in the physical test, which temporarily relieved her. Ms. Yang revealed that in fact, only a few students in the class have hired a personal tutor, and judging from the results, the full score ratio of this round of physical testing is very high, "Some students who did not get a full score are only a little bit away from the full score." ”

In addition to hiring a "retail private trainer" who fights alone, buying private training courses through training institutions is the choice of more parents. Ms. Liu's son is in the fourth grade of a primary school in Dongcheng, and in late October, the child's school will be tested in the unified examination. The child's usual test scores are average, but her performance is unstable, and Ms. Liu, who is deeply worried, ordered a private lesson of 10 yuan per hour from a training institution from social platforms. Originally, she thought that finding a personal trainer from an institution was relatively reliable, which could ensure formal qualifications and equipment expertise, but after experiencing it, Ms. Liu found that the gap was not small from what she imagined.

For example, the introduction of the training institution says "bring the equipment to the door", but after the whole class, the coach used the most is nothing more than a crumpled yoga mat, and only a simple version of the device is assembled in front of the body flexion, as for lung capacity training, the coach only gave the suggestion of "usually practice more balloon blowing". As for the qualifications, the staff of the institution has always emphasized that their coaches have graduated from first-line sports colleges and are all professional in sports work, Ms. Liu said that she has asked the relevant professional qualification certificates of the institution or coach, but has never received a response. When the coach took the child to the on-site training, the answer was also vague, only saying that he graduated from a sports school in Jilin.

To Ms. Liu's surprise, when training in the open space of the community, the community staff happened to be patrolling, and when she was told that for-profit activities in the community were prohibited without permission, the young coach was also at a loss, and hurriedly took the child to an open space outside the community so that the training could continue. "The admissions advertisement also says that training can be carried out downstairs in the community and in the living room of the home, doesn't the institution know that this is a violation? It's also too unprofessional. Ms. Liu said.

Simulate physical testing

Illegal occupation of public spaces is reported

"One-on-one personal training needs long-term training to be effective, and the simulated physical test before the exam allows us to have a bottom in advance, which item is weak and make up which one." A parent told reporters that there are not many parents who choose private training in their children's classmates, but they generally sign up for the simulated physical test of training institutions, more than 100 yuan is not expensive, and they can also buy a solid heart with professional equipment as a whole.

The reporter searched for a training institution that can carry out simulated physical tests. The campus distribution map of the training institution shows that it has set up more than 30 campuses in Beijing, most of which are located in public places such as parks, stadiums, and university campuses. One of the simulated physical tests was scheduled for the "Meteorological Bureau Campus" on October 10, and there were four time slots to choose from.

On the morning of Saturday, October 10, the reporter came to the sports and cultural square of the China Meteorological Administration, the site of the physical examination, and many students and parents who participated in the simulated physical test had gathered at the scene. At the same time, there are two other training institutions on the site, which are teaching small classes in physical testing programs such as skipping rope.

The reporter noticed that a notice of use was posted on the publicity board outside the Sports and Culture Square of the China Meteorological Administration, and the payment was dated September 2021, 9, one of which is that "social institutions or individuals shall not use the venue to hold any form of training course, and they shall bear the consequences caused by unauthorized organization of activities." On top of this instruction for use, there is also a "Notice on Strengthening the Daily Management of Sports and Culture Square" dated September 17, which reads, "Training institutions without approval and consent shall not run classes privately, training institutions shall not set up enrollment consultation points in the compound of the China Meteorological Administration, and shall not appear in the publicity advertisements related to the Sports and Culture Square of the China Meteorological Administration." ”

In addition to the stadium, the city's major parks have also become venues for training institutions to carry out teaching. In September this year, the Haidian District Park Management Center issued the "Announcement on Rectifying Illegal Off-campus Sports Training in the Park". The announcement clearly stated that it was illegal for training institutions or individuals to occupy park venues to carry out physical education and training activities beyond the scope of their own or leased venues, and named three training institutions that occupied public spaces such as parks to carry out collective teaching activities.


Scientific and reasonable practice can lead to high scores

In order to better strengthen the supervision of off-campus sports training, on March 2022, 3, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports issued the "Guidelines for the Access Review of Beijing Youth Off-campus Sports Training Institutions", which puts forward specific requirements for the practitioners, training venues, and training facilities of youth off-campus sports training institutions.

In terms of professional qualifications, teaching personnel should have a college degree or above or a secondary vocational education degree, and hold at least one of the eight relevant prescribed certificates. In terms of training venues, offline youth off-campus sports training institutions should own or lease venues appropriate to the type and scale of training, and the area of the venue for training and teaching should not be less than 100 square meters, and it is clearly stated that indoor training shall not use residential buildings as training venues.

In addition, in order to further strengthen the management of the city's off-campus sports training market, the Municipal Sports Bureau took the lead in researching and drafting the "Beijing Standards for the Establishment of Off-campus Sports Training Institutions (Trial)" (Draft for Comments), and solicited opinions from the public from August 2023 to September 8, 28, which put forward more detailed specifications for off-campus sports training venue facilities, security guarantees, training management, etc.

Off-campus sports training has gradually ushered in an era of strong supervision, and the Beijing Municipal Education Commission has also interpreted the physical examination for the middle school entrance examination many times, aiming to calm students and parents. Not long ago, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Education Commission said that the standards for physical education assessment are set in accordance with the national student physical health test standards, which are the standards for basically meeting the standards, not the pursuit of sports competitions or faster, higher and stronger skills to increase the differentiation of children. In the score setting, good or above will give full points. In short, scientific and reasonable practice can get high scores, the original intention of sports reform is to convey the concept of happy sports, improve children's health and mental state, and let more students have the opportunity to get high scores and full scores. The Municipal Education Commission also reminds parents that the unified test is organized and implemented by the education committee of each district, and no organization or individual may organize a mock test without approval. Intern reporter Gao Yuan Wen and photo (Beijing Daily)