NHK has compiled a report through interviews with regional stations that 4 people have been affected by bear attacks since April in at least 17 prefectures.

Of these, damage has been occurring one after another every day since the beginning of this month, and by the 19th, 41 people had already been affected, exceeding the 1 cases in the month of last month.

Looking at the damage caused by bears by prefecture since April, Akita accounted for more than one-third of the total with 38 people, 4 people in Iwate, 51 in Fukushima, and 3 in Aomori, mainly in the Tohoku region.

Other victims were 1 in Nagano, 34 in Niigata, 13 in Hokkaido, 10 in Yamagata, 10 in Toyama, 5 in Gifu, 4 in Gunma, 4 in Miyagi, 4 in Ishikawa, 4 in Fukui, 3 in Mie, 2 in Kyoto, and 2 in Shimane.

Looking at the damage since the beginning of this month, as of the 1th, there were 1 people in Akita, 1 people in Iwate, 1 people in Aomori, 19 people in Toyama, 23 people in Ishikawa, 7 person in Gunma, 3 person in Fukui, and 2 person in Nagano.

In the Tohoku region, damage has been occurring one after another, mainly in Akita and Iwate, and damage is spreading in Toyama in Hokuriku, as well as in Ishikawa and Fukui, where there was no damage until last month, with injuries and others.

How to avoid being damaged

What should you be careful about to avoid being a victim of a bear? We asked Project Professor Toru Oi of Ishikawa Prefectural University, who is familiar with bear ecology.

【To keep bears at bay】

First of all, it is a measure to keep bears away from people's living areas.

Bears are expected to approach the area in search of food.

Since they like to eat persimmons and chestnuts, please leave the fruit trees as they are and harvest them without leaving them as they are.

Also, do not leave food waste or pet food outside.

In addition, it is important to reduce the number of places where bears can easily hide by mowing bushes.

In addition, a bear that has wandered into a residential area may panic and enter a building. Be sure to keep the doors of houses and noises tightly closed.

【When you encounter a bear】

How should you act when you are hit by a bear?

First of all, try to calm down and observe the bear.

If it doesn't seem to be coming right away, slowly step back and leave.

Bears have a habit of chasing anything that escapes, so you should not try to run away with your back turned.

In the unlikely event that you are attacked, take a defensive posture such as lying face down and protect your neck and belly to avoid fatal injuries.