Police operation (archive image)

Photo: Friso Gentsch/ dpa

A 29-year-old man from Münsterland in North Rhine-Westphalia is said to have killed his 24-year-old partner during a holiday trip through Scandinavia. The man was arrested on Tuesday, according to police and prosecutors in Münster. A judge had ordered pre-trial detention on suspicion of manslaughter.

A homicide squad has been investigating the case since the young woman's family reported her missing on Oct. 10. Now a body has also been found at a lake in Norway.

According to the investigations so far, according to the public prosecutor's office, the young couple had set off with the motorhome at the end of September on a trip through Denmark and Norway, among other places. Uncharacteristically, however, the 24-year-old did not report back to her family since the end of September and did not appear at her workplace after the holiday. According to the police, the boyfriend, who has since been suspected, told family and friends after his return on October 5 that she had broken up with him after an argument in Sweden.

Mobile phone, wallet and weapons in the apartment

Due to the overall circumstances, the police in Münster set up a homicide squad after the young woman was reported missing. Since then, investigations have been carried out in close cooperation with the Norwegian authorities, so that the suspicion against the 29-year-old was finally confirmed. During a search of his apartment in Ahaus and a rented hall in Rheine on Tuesday, both the mobile phone and the purse of the missing person were found. Several weapons were also stored in a safe.

The suspect did not admit to the crime during his interrogation, but reported that the woman had died in Norway. He also stated where her body could be found. According to the Norwegian police, a body was found right there – at a lake in the municipality of Tynset, a good 300 kilometers north of Oslo. According to the Norwegian authorities, she is now being forensically examined to determine her identity and the cause of death.

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