Solène Delinger 13:00 p.m., October 19, 2023, modified at 13:07 p.m., October 19, 2023

Netflix subscribers will soon have to pay more for their subscription. The streaming platform has indeed announced an increase in the prices of the "Essential" and "Premium" formulas in several countries, including France.

What all Netflix subscribers feared has happened: the streaming platform has just announced the increase in the price of its subscriptions in several countries, including France. Two subscriptions are affected by this increase: the "Essential" and "Premium" subscriptions. The former goes from €8.99 per month to €10.99. The second, the most expensive offered by Netflix, goes from 17.99 to 19.99 euros.

No increase for "Standard with ad" and "Standard" subscriptions

Those who have the "Standard with ads" and "Standard" subscriptions can breathe a sigh of relief: their respective monthly rates of €5.99 and €13.49 remain the same. This price increase is not really surprising. Netflix has already increased its prices in the United States.

Prime Video, the cheapest platform

"Since we bring more value to our subscribers, we sometimes ask them to pay a little more," the streaming giant said in a letter to shareholders. And Netflix isn't the only platform raising its prices. Disney+ will increase the price of its ad-free subscription from €8.99 to €11.99 as of November 1. Prime Video remains the cheapest platform with a price of €6.99 per month or €69.90 per year.