Military and strategic expert Fayez al-Duwairi ruled out that the ground war – which Israel is expected to wage on Gaza – will last several years, expecting at the same time to be a strenuous war that will cost the occupation a heavy bill, according to him.

During an analysis on Al Jazeera, Duwairi did not expect the Israeli army to achieve its political goal of the war, because it will not be able to eliminate the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), whether as a political doctrine or military capabilities.

He attributed Israel's inability to achieve its goals because it will fight the war in Gaza, which is famous for being the tunnel city and Israel does not know the details of its map, adding, "All you know about it is general information only."

Judging from the way Hamas managed previous battles, al-Duwairi predicted that Hamas would surprise the IDF at an unexpected time and place, because it would be a valuable catch for Hamas's elite forces.

Al-Duwairi said Hamas is expected to have a defensive plan that includes suicide bombers and anti-tank weapons, adding that Israeli forces will then serve as stationary and almost disabled targets.