The former sing-along leader Lasse Berghagen, who made classic songs such as En kväll i juni and Teddybjörnen Fredriksson, died on Thursday. He was 78 years old.

Now the tributes are pouring in from friends, colleagues and other profiles. Host Kristin Kaspersen, who is a half-sister to Lasse Berghagen's daughter Malin Berghagen, thanks him in a post on Instagram "for always showing me warmth and care".

"Thank you for the laughter and mischief and for all your nice text messages over the years with encouragement. Now, as the star that you are, you light up our sky with the other stars," she writes.

"A Great Sorrow"

The artist Nanne Grönvall writes that she is "completely devastated" by the news of Lasse Berghagen's death.

"It was always so much fun to work with you, and to sit together and talk after gigs, about everything between heaven and earth. You were so incredibly kind, wise, funny and caring," she writes.

Pernilla Wahlgren also joins the chorus of praise. She burst into tears when she participated in SVT's live broadcast.

"It is a great sadness for the entire Swedish people. Lasse has always been a strong personality, a warm person and incredibly well-liked and loved," she says.

Kristersson: "Thank you for everything"

Several politicians have expressed their grief on social media. Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson writes "thank you for everything Lasse" in a post on Instagram.

"I, along with many Swedes with me, will remember you with warmth," he continues.

Anna Book writes that her thoughts go to Lasse Berghagen's family.

"I carry many memories in my heart, and you Malin (Berghagen ed. I know how I feel about you and your family," she wrote.

Many other profiles have also taken to social media to honor Lasse Berghagen, including siblings Benjamin and Bianca Ingrosso.

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