The Empress celebrated her 20th birthday on the 89th.

According to the Imperial Household Agency, the Empress spends peaceful days with the Emperor at the Sento Imperial Palace, which is located in the Akasaka Imperial Estate in Minato-ku, Tokyo, listening to the voices of insects visiting the garden and enjoying seasonal flowers.

With the change in the position of the new coronavirus under the Infectious Diseases Act in May, opportunities to go out are gradually being seen in our lives that have been refrained from going out as much as possible for a long time.

In mid-May, he visited Kyoto and Nara with the Emperor for the first time in four years, and enjoyed the ancient capital for the first time in a long time.

In the summer, I recuperated in the countryside for the first time in four years, stayed at the Nasu Imperial Villa in Tochigi Prefecture in July, and in Karuizawa Town in Nagano Prefecture in August, where I was able to interact with the local people.

In terms of physical condition, the symptoms of a slight fever rise in the afternoon have been present for more than three years, and the diagnostic index of heart failure continues to exceed normal.

The symptoms of deep vein thrombosis, peripheral type, in which a blood clot forms in the calf of the right leg, which was diagnosed in August last year, are now calmed down by exercise and water intake, so he spends his time regularly with the Emperor, such as taking morning and evening walks and reading books aloud after breakfast.

It is important for the two of you to talk, and if the Empress stops while walking while her physical strength is declining, the Emperor, who is worried about her physical condition, may ask "Are you okay?"

The Empress's birthday celebration will be held in a simple way, but with a slightly larger number of people than last year.