Due to the successive reports of damage and infestation caused by bears, anti-bear goods are selling unusually well in various places.

Toyama Bells, portable radios, etc. sell more than 5 times more than last year

At the hardware store in Horikawa Hongo, Toyama City, a corner has been set up since September for bear repellent goods, selling about 9 types of bells, whistles, portable radios, rocket fireworks, etc.

In October, more and more people are buying bells to attach to their children's school bags and bells to carry with them while walking.

Sales this fall are more than five times higher than at the same time last year, and the store is also ordering inventory from other stores.

Manager Yoshihisa Watanabe said, "When you live near or enter the mountains, I want you to wear anti-bear goods that make a sound and ward off bears."

Akita There is also a repellent spray for about 1,6000 yen

Since October, a hardware store in Wholesale, Akita City, has been purchasing several bear-repellent sprays for about 10,1 yen each, but they are selling out quickly.

In addition, sales of firecrackers that make loud noises are about four times higher than at the same time last year, and sales of bear-repellent bells are also increasing.

A man in his 1s who visited the store said, "I couldn't think of it before, but there were bears near my house, and I want to prepare the spray as soon as possible because I am going to walk or climb mountains."

Kazuomi Sasaki, manager of a home improvement store, said, "We are surprised by this sales because it is a time when we usually reduce the sales floor, and since our customers are in trouble, we would like to supply products that meet their needs."