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Beaver (symbolic image): Great damage in the Allgäu

Photo: IMAGO/imageBROKER/Marcus Siebert / IMAGO/imagebroker

Due to beaver burrows, the tourist resort of Oberstdorf in the Allgäu will remain cut off from rail traffic until at least the end of October. A soil expert is now examining the damage to the railway embankment on the line to Immenstadt and how best to repair it, said a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn.

Accordingly, the expert should also clarify whether beavers still live in the burrows. According to Deutsche Bahn, buses and taxis are now running between Sonthofen and Oberstdorf for the time being as a replacement for the cancelled train connections.

Oberstorf is the southernmost municipality in Germany, the town is mainly known as a destination for skiing, hiking and mountaineering.