On the night of the 19th, a female junior high school student was attacked by a bear on her way home from school in Kitaakita City, Akita Prefecture, and was taken to the hospital with injuries to her head and neck. According to the police, he is conscious and able to talk, so the police are calling attention to nearby residents.

According to the police, shortly after 19:6 p.m. on the 14th, a 200-year-old junior high school girl who was walking home from school was attacked by a bear on the street in Gomibori, Kitaakita City, and injured her head and neck.

The female junior high school student returned to her home about 20 meters away on her own and was taken to a hospital in the city, but she is conscious and able to talk.

The site is a mountainous area dotted with rice paddies and houses about 52 kilometers south of the center of Kitaakita City, and police patrol around the site and warn nearby residents to be careful.

According to the Prefectural Police Headquarters, <> people have been injured in Akita Prefecture due to bear attacks, a record high.

The prefectural government and the police have warned people to stay away from places with poor visibility, such as bushes, and to make sounds with bells and radios to raise awareness of people's presence, stating that "there is a risk of encountering bears anytime, anywhere, and anyone."