On the night of the 19th, a man in his 60s was attacked by a bear in a mountain village in Aga-cho, Niigata Prefecture, injuring his face and arm. The man was conscious when he was taken to the hospital.

Just before 19 p.m. on the 10th, a man in his 60s was attacked by a bear in Shintani, Aga-cho, Niigata Prefecture, and the fire department was notified.

When police and firefighters arrived, there was no bear, and the man was taken to hospital with injuries to his face and arms.

The man was conscious at the time of transport.

According to the police, when the man came home from shopping, he heard a growl, and a bear that was climbing a persimmon tree near his home attacked the man on horseback.

The size of the bear is not known.

The site is a village with houses scattered in the mountains.

Bear sightings have recently been one after another in Aga, and the police and town hall are patrolling the area and calling for attention to residents.

Niigata Prefecture is expected to produce beech nuts as food this fall, and there are concerns that bears will haunt human villages, so from September it announced a "bear infestation warning warning" and ▽ When you encounter a bear, do not panic and retreat slowly,
▽ If you are attacked,
lie down on the ground and head and neck, It calls for protecting the belly and
properly disposing of food waste that serves as food.